Kill Your AWS Resources When You Are Done

Kill Your AWS Resources When You Are Done

Kill your AWS Resources when you are done . More advice on not getting charged for unneeded resources. I have recently written a blog post about a sad situation where I received an unexpected bill from AWS.

More advice on not getting charged for unneeded resources

I have recently written a blog post about a sad situation where I received an unexpected bill from AWS. That was because I made the mistake to follow three different tutorials on EKS deployment with Terraform which resulted in the creation of EC2 instances in 3(!) different regions. That was mainly my fault as I did not pay attention to the autoscaling groups setup and everything kept starting up again and again, even after I was terminating the instances and the cluster itself.

I decided to write a follow-up because of the amazing feedback I received from many people on different Slack channels and Social media. These people had or heard of similar experiences and they resolved the issue by being proactive and disabling the auto-scaling groups on time. Others received an even bigger bill! For example, the following tweet was brought to my attention:

Another person said:

Yes, it’s not a straight forward process setting all these alarms up for billing info.

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