How to Configure TLS/SSL With PEM Files

How to Configure TLS/SSL With PEM Files

Learn how to easily set up TLS/SSL for your favorite http client while using PEM files.

This tutorial will explain to you how to easily configure your favorite http client for java, kotlin, and scala with tls/ssl while using PEM files instead of the traditional jks or p12 files. I will use the traditional http client of the jdk, HttpURLConnection, as an example for this tutorial. But you can find here 30+ other client examples: Example HTTP Client configurations.

We will send an https request to where the client needs to authenticate itself with its own certificates. This is also known as mutual authentication. The server will require the client to identify itself and both parties need to trust each other. Without identification, you will receive a 400 Bad Request as a response. If it passes you will receive a status code 200.

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