Make an App with React JS / JavaScript: API Results, Conditionals, and CSS

Make an App with React JS / JavaScript: API Results, Conditionals, and CSS

Make an App with React JS / JavaScript 04: API Results, Conditionals, and CSS. Setting up API and Key. useData Hook. Reorganizing the code. Display results on Screen. JSON Response from API. CSS Updates for Search Result

Building a Web Application as a Front-End Developer using React JS and TypeScript! Learn how to use the “Thinking in React” method and apply it to your real web application. We will be using real live weather data to display in our application and make our components reusable and maintainable.

In this video, we will call an API and get some responses after the user types in their zip code. We will also display these results on screen as per the CSS shown in the designs.

All the code created in this video:


  • 00:00 Setting up API and Key
  • 01:20 useData Hook
  • 03:00 Reorganizing the code
  • 10:00 Display results on Screen
  • 15:15 JSON Response from API
  • 19:40 CSS Updates for Search Result

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