Commercial Software for Data Center Infrastructure Management

Commercial Software for Data Center Infrastructure Management

Let's have a review of the tools for running a DC (Datacenter Management) that will help you to find a right software and make your life easier.

When a company grows its demand in computing resources grows as well. It works for regular companies as for providers, including those renting out dedicated servers. When the total number of racks exceeds 10 you’ll start facing issues.

How to inventory servers and spares? How to maintain a data center in a good health, locating and fixing potential threats on time. How to find the rack with broken equipment? How to prepare physical machines to work? Carrying out these tasks manually will take too much time otherwise will require having a huge team of administrators in your IT-department.

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However, there is a better solution – using special software that automates Data Center management. Let’s have a review of the tools for running a Data Center that we have on a market today.

1. DCImanager

DCImanager is a platform for managing physical equipment: servers, switches, PDU, routers; and monitoring server and data center resources. It helps to optimize the use of computing power, enhance the efficiency of the IT department, and flexibly transform the infrastructure according to business tasks.

DCImanager can be flexibly integrated into the IT infrastructure of any complexity. Hundreds of companies from various industries (including hosting, ICT, data centers, production, finance. etc.) use it to accomplish their tasks.

The main features of DCImanager are:

  • DCIM with multi-vendor support and equipment inventory.
  • Monitoring and notifications system.
  • Remote access to servers.
  • Managing switches, physical networks, VLAN.
  • Server sales automation for hosting providers.
  • Staff (or client) access to selected infrastructure nodes.

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