Build Rust functions for Deno

Build Rust functions for Deno

deno-build-wasm .Build Rust functions for Deno.


Build Rust functions for Deno


You must have wasm-bindgen-cli installed on your machine. To install run cargo install wasm-bindgen-cli.

Add wasm-bindgen to your project

In your cargo.toml file, you need to specify the crate type

crate-type = ["cdylib"]

under dependencies add:

wasm-bindgen = "0.2"

Import wasm-bindgen to your rust file:

use wasm_bindgen::prelude::*;

Add the macro to your functions:

pub fn my_awesome_function() -> String {
    "This is from my awesome function in Rust!"

Install the script

deno install --allow-read --allow-write --allow-run -n deno-build-wasm

Build your functions

deno-build-wasm my-awesome-functions

This will generate a pkg directory with the neccessary files.

Use your functions in Deno

import { my_awesome_function } from './pkg/my-awesome-functions.js'

// Prints: This is from my awesome function in Rust!

Huge thanks to @SrKomodo for the original script!

Download Details:

Author: meszarosdezso

Source Code:

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