Whom to Hire A Full Stack Developer or A Team of Experts?

Whom to Hire A Full Stack Developer or A Team of Experts?

The pace at which technology is advancing is also changing how a business operates globally. Moreover, with every innovation and updates in existing technology is making the implication of the same more cheaper than it was before. Options to choose the best technology are also increasing with intensive competition among technology providers.

One of that old age yet much-needed technology is web application development. Any business which is willing to expand its market globally either take shelter under established e-commerce websites or built its own. But the real dilemma lies in picking the best option of developers for the web application project. There are mainly two types of developers, a one-person army of full stack developer and a joined force of experts for web application development.

Hire A Full Stack Developer Vs. Hire A Team of Expert Developers:

A full stack developer is known for its skills in front-end development and back-end development of a web application. Also, a full stack developer is the master of more than one programming language to execute each part of the website perfectly and seamlessly. While a team of expert developers consists many individuals with expertise in various fields related to web application development, these fields are front-end development, back-end development, graphic designing, mobile application development, HTML development, and others. Now let us understand the advantages of both kinds of experts.

Full Stack Developers Advantages:

 Developer stays focused on one project at a time

 Hence, less professional burnout

 Higher quality of work resulting in client satisfaction

Full Stack Developers Disadvantages:

 Lack of responsibilities on developer makes the project delayed

 Lack of time management as only one developer is responsible for one project

 Often, the latest technological advancement is left out due to not copping up with the market.

A Team of Expert Developers Advantages:

 Individual responsibility for each part of the project.

 The high quality of each development stage and each component of the web application

 Team management and group discussions bring out the best solutions

A Team Of Expert Developers Disadvantages:

 High hiring cost compared to hiring a full stack developer

 Task dependency at each stage of the development process

Key Aspects While Choosing:

As we know the different advantages and disadvantages of both the option, there are few aspects of the project which need to keep in considerations while choosing to hire a full stack developer or a team of expert developers:

1. Size Of The Project: 

A full stack developer is recommended for a small project such as web application development for a few services providing business. For a shopping based web application, a team of experts would be the best.

2. Level Of Complexity: 

The project complexity also needs to determine before approaching a developer or team of developers. If your web application requirements are merely buying and selling of a small number of products, full stack developer would be a cost-effective choice and if the level of same shopping app is involved with many types of

products, a team of experts is a better option.

3. Budget: 

Hiring a full stack developer is a cost-effective option with all the expertise you need for your small project, but if your project is large and complex a dedicated team of the expert developer should always be preferred. Despite being low on a budget as in future, those experts can help to grow your web development project according to market conditions.

4. Project Quality: 

Finally, it depends on the choice of quality you want for your web application project. Of course, both options will provide you with the best efforts, but aligning quality

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