Word Document to HTML or Markdown with Python

Word Document to HTML or Markdown with Python

An Example Usage of Python for Beginner.Word Document to HTML or Markdown with Python

This short article will guide you how you can convert the .docx word document to the simple web page document (.html) or Markdown document (.md) in an easy way with some help of Python-based CLI — Mammoth.

According to the statistic from Statista survey (Jan 6, 2020), the Microsoft Office Suite is the most popular office software. You can easily take a quick note, short report, tutorial document, etc. with the Microsoft Word. And, you might want to share the document content with some of your friends, colleagues, clients as a web document (.html)) or Markdown document (.md). In the past, it might be costly to host some web documents on the web, but nowadays the cloud service is very cheap or even free for a public document (eg. GitHub Pages).

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