Rahul  Hickle

Rahul Hickle


Promises Async Await & Callback

JavaScript Promises, callback and async-await
javascript immutability and javascript Objects
understanding javascript callback, writing promises and async-await

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Promises Async Await & Callback
Giles  Goodwin

Giles Goodwin


Understanding JavaScript: Promises, Async & Await!!


We all know the importance of promises in our life. We even have a special day dedicated to it :) But how well do we know the importance of promises in JavaScript? Well if you don’t know it yet, it’s a great time to know it because they are becoming more and more popular. So what are promises? Let’s try to understand it through an analogy.

Suppose you are a top class rapper and you haven’t released an album for a while and fans are asking for it day and night. So what you do is that you “promise” them that whenever it will be out, all of them would be notified. To get this done you give your fans a list. They can fill in their email addresses, so that when the album becomes available, all the subscribers instantly receive it. And even if something goes wrong, say a pandemic, so that you can’t release the album, they will still be notified.

Now everyone is happy: You, because the people don’t crowd you anymore, and fans, because they won’t miss any news on the album.

This is a real-life analogy for things we often have in programming:

  1. “producing code” that does something and may take time. That’s a “rapper”.
  2. “consuming code” that wants the result of the “producing code” once it’s ready. Many functions may need that result. These are the “fans”.
  3. A promise is a special JavaScript object that links the “producing code” and the “consuming code” together. In terms of our analogy: this is the “subscription list”. The “producing code” takes whatever time it needs to produce the promised result, and the “promise” makes that result available to all of the subscribed code when it’s ready.

JavaScript promises are much more complex than a simple subscription list: they have additional features and limitations. But it’s fine to begin with.

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Aman Agrawal


Callback vs Promises vs Async Await

Learn fundamental concepts that JavaScript relies on to handle asynchronous operations. These concept includes Callbacks, Promises and the use of Async and Await to handle deferred operations.


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Armando  Bruen

Armando Bruen


What is promise and Async/Await?

Base on developer requirement we are going to cover promises and async/await with this article. Some developers are still confused about how to use promises and async javascript. JavaScript Promises are very similar to real-life promises made by us. After that promises, we make a plan and assure that we are successfully have done or broke.

JS promises are completion or failure.

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Jackson  Watson

Jackson Watson


Async, Await, and Promises in Express for Node.js

Here’s how you can easily work with async/await and Promises in express, right now!
@root/async-router: https://github.com/therootcompany/async-router
Express 5.0 promised native support for async/await and Promises - and it even delivered, but then was never officially published. It’s still stuck in alpha.
There are many 3rd party modules that add promise support to express, but most of them are just plain terrible.
Thankfully I express-promisify-router, which behaves exactly as any sane, rational person who has used express would expect it to behave. That said, since it doesn’t seem to be actively maintained, I added the ability to use error handler functions and republished it as @root/async-router.

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