Angular and legacy JavaScript integrations

Angular and legacy JavaScript integrations

How to make your Angular SPAs speak "well" with legacy libraries .Angular and legacy JavaScript integrations

Most systems that provide certain features that are commonly used, also provide some kind of integration. Let's say that graphics and charts library, documented in old-plain legacy JavaScript (< ES5), with old styled HTML &<script> code, just to include a bar chart. Or some site that allows visitors buy event tickets, no API, no web components, just a block of code with a "insert this script on your code" which imports a Javascript file, a CSS file and embeds an iframe. You probably have seen this, and if you haven't you'll do sometime (trust me…)

This integrations, most of the times, are meant for non-developers, "include this code and it will work", magic.

But, what if you have to make this integrations work with your Angular SPA?

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