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Caleb Towne


Build A Blazor WebAssembly Application Using A Rich Text Editor

In this post, we’ll continue our journey in displaying the content of a zipped dotnet project in a Blazor WebAssembly application and then learn how to modify its content using a rich text editor.

Now that we have loaded our zipped project file, we need a way to store the content of the zip file in the application state so that we can navigate and view the different .cs files.

To achieve this, we’ll be using a “unidirectional data flow” architecture based on the Flux/Redux architecture. We’ll be going over how this presentation design pattern works at a high level as it’s not the objective of this post. We’ll explore this topic in a future article.

Here is the architecture diagram for the Flux/Redux architecture.

Balzor and the Flux/Redux architecture

Here is the final Flux/Redux architecture diagram for our application.

Final Flux/Redux architecture diagram for our application


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Build A Blazor WebAssembly Application Using A Rich Text Editor

CRUD App Using Blazor And Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core

#blazor #blazor in c# #blazor tutorial #blazor webassembly #blazor crud #blazor with core

CRUD App Using Blazor And Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core

#blazor #blazor tutorial #blazor in c# #blazor crud #blazor webassembly #blazor with core

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Blazor Rich Text Editor - Markdown Editor Component

The Blazor Rich Text Editor is a feature-rich WYSIWYG HTML editor and WYSIWYG Markdown editor. The Rich Text Editor is used to create blogs, forum posts, notes sections, support tickets (incidents), comment sections, messaging applications, and more. The control provides an efficient user interface for a better editing experience with mobile support. It has a variety of tools to edit and format rich content and returns valid HTML markup or Markdown (MD) content. It allows users to insert images, links, tables, and lists with modular architectures.

  • Edit WYSIWYG HTML and markdown content with a rich set of tools for modern web and mobile applications.
  • Easily incorporate into blogs editor, messages, HTML email composer, and discussion forum-like applications.
  • Make a floating toolbar or inline editor that allows you to select any editable element on the page and edit-in-place.

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Call POST API ASP NET Core Blazor | Blazor CRUD using API Part-1

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Myriam  Rogahn

Myriam Rogahn


How to Use Syncfusion’s React Rich Text Editor with React Redux Form

The Syncfusion React Rich Text Editor component is a WYSIWYG editor component that can be used to frame a UI form control. It works seamlessly with React Redux Form and can validate inputs in form fields.

This blog explains the procedure to merge our Rich Text Editor component with Redux Form fields to validate inputs. The following topics are covered in this blog:

What is Redux Form?

Redux is an open-source JavaScript library. It is used to develop UI components in React and Angular platforms. redux -form is a validation library that can be integrated into any React web application easily. It uses the Redux library to store field input values and higher-order components.

Refer to the redux-form documentation page to get more information.

Now, let’s see how to create a React app with Redux and integrate our React Rich Text Editor within it.

Getting started with create-react-app

To create a React application, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use the create-react-app command to install the NuGet package globally that we will use to create a basic React application.

npm i create-react-app -g

You can create the app in any directory by using the create-react-app command.

Step 2: Move to the directory where you want to create the application and run the following command. Here, I am naming this app RichTextEditor-Redux-Form.

create-react-app RichTextEditor-Redux-Form

Thus, we have created the application.

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