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How to Pick the Best Technology Stack For your Startup A Complete Guide
Do you know why giant tech businesses such as Airbnb, Netflix, Pinterest, and Snapchat are successful?

Apart from their hi-tech and unique business model, they have highly invested in the technology that powers their web or mobile applications. The tech stacks of these businesses can help the newbies of the industry to pick the right technologies for their products.

Moreover, the best tech startups are based on three basic fundamentals. First, they have a super talented team in India or the US, UK, etc. Second, they have an idea and will execute it using the right startup tech stack

With all the technology around, it is impossible to stress the outcome. As the world’s best ideas will find some serious headwinds if the entrepreneurs choose to use complex, cumbersome, or even outdated tech stack.

But, what is a software stack and how to choose the right one?

Let’s explore it together!!!

What is a Technology Stack?
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1 What is a Technology Stack?
2 Why is a Tech Stack Important for your Startup and ODC Team?
3 Why Choose a Tech Stack for Your Startup?
3.1 The Top Factors to Consider While Choosing a Startup Tech Stack
4 What are the options Available for the Technology Stack?
A technology stack is a set of tools that professionals use to create an app. It generally consists of frameworks, programming languages, and software applications as per your requirements and the project. When talking about the other aspects, the tech-stack also has two structure-wise components, they are:

The other name for Technology Stack is Software Stack or Development Stack. It is known to provide a data ecosystem that further enlists the following tools:

These tools include programming languages, servers, frameworks, operating systems, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Why is a Tech Stack Important for your Startup and ODC Team?
With all the things going on during the initial stages of a company, the tech stack to use might not be on your priority list. As there are many important things that you want to go for on priority such as, meetings with investors, prototypes, and more. Talking about tech stack, Ummm… you might pick whatever you have used in the past or whatever makes your team more comfortable.

However, it can cause some outsourcing problems later, for some of the reasons mentioned below:

The Technology Stack you pick now can be very challenging to keep up with in the future. Also, rewriting the entire program (let’s say Python to PHP) is not an easy task. Additionally, data migration MySQL to NoSQL can also be challenging.
Migrating from one hosting or cloud provider to another can also cause problems. According to our professionals, at Your Team In India, the resources you have on AWS will not map exactly the same with Azure- And, this would lead to some major migrational issues in the future.
Another challenge you may come across is- changing the stack. Yes, changing one can be quite expensive. However, if you have an in-house team then you may need to hire programmers in India, Ukraine, UK, Australia, etc, or retrain the ones you already have.
The Startup Tech Stack you choose is going to be with you during the most crucial stages. Make sure the stack you pick is robust, flexible, and blends in easily with your projects. Not to forget, do consider the needs of your business much before starting up with the same.

Why Choose a Tech Stack for Your Startup?
Software Stacks provides a deep and strong foundation for your web app development.

The competitiveness and uniqueness of your application depend on the tech stack you choose. Your technology stack is a long say on your software development as it impacts:

Works as per IT outsourcing trends
The Working of your app
How your app behaves in the coming future
The scalability of your app
The purpose of your startup or project
The data and application storage in terms of Cloud or Local
The ability of your server systems
As the standards of software development and IT Outsourcing trends change in just a blink of an eye, it is crucial to keep yourself updated with the tech trends to shine bright in the market.

So, by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your tech stack, you easily start by developing your app with new confidence.

The Top Factors to Consider While Choosing a Startup Tech Stack
When opting for a tech stack, there are a few factors that you must consider, and they are:

Your Project Type:

The types of projects are the most crucial aspect for choosing the best technology stack for a Startup. In case you have a small project, you can go for the standard CMS Solutions such as WordPress.

Here, for your type of project, you can combine the CMS with the required programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, Python, and more. However, you must understand the complexity of your project before incorporating the languages or any other functions.

For example, Giant e-Commerce platforms require a specially designed web technology stack for the most complicated projects.

Please note: If you are a business with a strong base but limited resources or knowledge about Tech Stack. It is best for you to hire offshore software development services for your project.

Knowing Your Team:

The expertise of your developers also plays a crucial role when selecting the best tech-stack for your startup. The knowledge of your professionals is important as he/she may trudge problems while generating codes.

Here, Your php developers India or US, has to be quite experienced as you need to run a project and meet the deadline. Choosing a tech stack that is based on a huge community and proper documentation.

Time of Market:

For launching an application or digital product, you need a lot of mapping for the designing, development, and delivering the project on time can be very challenging.

The time of market completely depends on the tech stack you choose for developing your digital products. You can choose to hire a Full-Stack Developer acquainted with a powerful open-source library.

You can also get some third-party system solutions for the seamless integration of features or functions in a project.

Apart from this, your goal (what you wish to achieve?)as a startup is also significant for your time to market. Also, an experienced pro-level developer will help you to launch your product on-time with ease.

Availability of Talent Pool:

You will find many technologies around, but finding a good developer who is an expert using a specific technology is hard.


Well, because the high-tech and in-demand developers are already hired by the industry giants. For the marketplace that is already plagued with a shortage in resources, hiring software developers on ranks toward the hotter side of the spectrum. And, that makes it even hard to find the best one.

Now, It is quite true for developers having experience in Python, Node Developers, and React Native. Before these tech stacks, it was for GoLand and Ruby. To overcome such talent issues, we suggest you outsource work to India, Ukraine, The US, and more.

It is because there is just no new talent entering the market, and that makes the price for a developer even higher. Outsourcing will help you through your projects by providing you with the talent having expertise in the various tech stacks.

High Scalability:

Now, this refers to the ability of web applications to handle the work. Your web or mobile app must be developed to control the majority spurt with the boost in in-app users. The tech stack should be able to sustain the future growth of the web or mobile app. Here, the dimensions of the growth can be vertical or horizontal.

What are the options Available for the Technology Stack?
The following are some of the most loved tech stacks in the software development community. Let’s check each one of them to choose the right one for your project:


Python is a high-end, and well-interpreted programming language. It is generally used to reduce the requirements for coding. This Tech Stack also has a high utility because it uses several third-party modules.

The extensibility of Python allows the developers to write the code in programming languages such as C++, C#, and more.

Benefits of using Python

It comes with third-party modules
Provides extensive support libraries
It also has user-friendly data structures
Python enhances your team’s productivity and speed
It is quite easy to learn
Tips to Consider When Hiring a Python Developer:

Being a Startup, if you want someone to look after your project in budget, it is recommended for you to hire a Python developer who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Consider the research tools and languages developers have worked with, how much experience they have, and what projects they have worked on.

Java Oracle:

Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is designed to have negligible execution reliance. This tech stack for startups is quite powerful, reliable, and provides you with cross-stage capabilities.

Recently, Java Oracle has become one of the most preferred languages in the software development industry. It also promotes multi-threading that programs to run multiple web or mobile applications simultaneously.

Benefits of Using Java

Java is platform-independent
It is an object-oriented language
This programming language easy to learn
Features such as multithreading provides supreme CPU utilization
It enables the developers to create a virus-free system
Tips to Consider When Hiring a Java Developer:

If you want to hire a Java Developer, you must recognize the recruiting quality candidate before hiring one. Java Developers are vital players in the software development industry.

Look for the developers, who hold expertise in framework, tools, and programming language. Don’t forget to count the experience before you opt to hire an app developer in building Java-based web & mobile applications.

MEAN Stack:

Let’s now talk about the MEAN (MongoDB, Express.Js, AngularJs, and Node.Js)!! It is one of the most popular technology stacks of 2021. This is an end-to-end stack, your team uses a single language throughout your stack.

Another benefit of using MEAN is that all the technologies are free and open-source with the support of a vigorous community. The applications of the MEAN stack is best for cloud-hosting as it is scalable, extensible, and flexible. This tech stack can be deployed quite easily as it involves its web server. The database can be escalated on-demand to provide usage spikes tentatively.

Benefits of MEAN Technology

It is highly flexible.
MEAN Stack is cost-friendly to business.
It is Open-source and is widely available for use.
You can easily switch between server and client.
It saves your time.
Tips to Consider When Hiring a MEAN Developer:

If you are looking for full-fledged App development, it is best to hire a Mean Stack Developer. A MEAN Stack Developer falls under the category of Full-Stack Developer who is responsible to complete all the activities in terms of software development. It includes development, designing, integration, and more.

Want to hire a MEAN Developer? Click here to Contact us and Our Team will help you to grow as a Startup.

MERN Stack:

The MERN Stack is quite similar to MEAN, which replaces React with Angular. Yes, you got that right MERN- MongoDB, Express.JS, React.Js, and NodeJS. Since React.Js is known to use Virtual DOM, you can easily implement the changes, whenever required.

Also, with React comes JSX, which is a modified version of JavaScript. JSX is further responsible for seamless components.

React is the most popular framework available in the software development industry and is used for developing high-end, single-page applications with interactive UIs.

Benefits of Using MERN:

It comes with a pre-built comprehensive suite of technology tools.
As React Js can run on the server, thus, the code can be used for both the browser as well as the servers.
MERN Stack Supports MVC architecture that makes the development quite an easy process.
All the technologies in MERN Stack are Open-Source technologies.
Tips to Consider When Hiring a MERN Developer:

When on a hunt to hire MERN Stack developers, make sure you look for someone well-trained and expert in creating the MERN STACK Platform to provide you with best-in-class results.

Your candidate must provide support to the project by efficiently planning and releasing a successful product. He/she must know all the technical activities & process enhancements to accelerate time-to-market.

Click Here to hire MERN Stack Developers At Your Team In India.

.NET Stack

.Net technology allows you to develop a feature enriched and bug-free framework for dynamic web apps. It is also a subset of overflow stack that has a comprehensive tech stack with all essential aspects of the web-frontend.

Benefits of Using .NET Stack

Object-oriented development model
It is reliable and comes with the caching system
.Net works on Visual Studio IDE
It is a Cross-platform for design
Tips to Consider When Hiring a.NET Developer:

When you opt to hire a .NET developer, just make sure that your candidate is familiar with all the structures, frameworks, and more. This will help you understand the project-based requirements so that you can be on the same page with the developer.

What are the Tech Stacks Used for Mobile Application

Various frameworks are used for software development in Android and iOS.

For Android

Kotlin: This programming language is precisely developed to work with Java. Google happily supports Kotlin for Android developments. It is because Kotlin is a substitute for the Java compiler in Android Studio. The tech stack reduces the time required for programming in app development.

For iOS

Objective C: It is a programming language that provides you with amazing software development experience, as it comes with various libraries available in the industry. Objective-C is also compatible with other programming tech stacks and platforms.

Swift: This framework is introduced by Apple. According to our developers, Swift is easy to learn and work with. It is also better than Objective-C and other coding languages. Presently, it is the best option you can use for iOS development that might replace Objective-C in the coming future.

How to Choose the Right Tech Stack?

When selecting the right tech stack for a startup is not trivial. Also, it needs thoughtful consideration to ensure that you are on a right track. The first step to choose the right technology stack is to identify and select where your product will run.

Is it a mobile app or a web app?

Is it an Android-based app or an iOS app?

Whatever it is, remember, the stack you will choose mostly depends on the platform on which it will run the code and your Mobile App Programmers, you hire.

The next step here is to think about the type of product it would be? Are you building a client-based application? If so, then you must use native frameworks such as Kotlin or Swift. If you are developing an advanced AI algorithm, then Objective C might be the one for you.

Always plan for the number of users you expect to reach in the initial months. While you should choose a technology stack that offers you high scalability so that you don’t have to implement advanced caching while using .Net or PHP especially if you are expecting to have five visitors a day.

Figure out your expected target makes it easier for you to understand what frameworks you should use.

Lastly, remember your initial goal?

Are you searching for a proof-of-concept?

You might want to favor a tech stack that offers quick prototyping. Also, if you are looking for an MVP, then you must choose a framework that is robust and highly scalable, even if it takes a little longer to code.

Need Help with Choosing the Right Startup Tech Stack?

While selecting the best startup technology stack for your project, then the process might seem daunting at first. Therefore, it is best to outsource software development to Your Team In India. From picking up the right tech to executing the project using several frameworks to launching the same- we will help you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Additionally, there is a good chance that you will be accessing the combination to tackle the complex problem with our professionals and get a happy audience for your app!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and get a free initial consultation today!!!


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Hire MERN Stack Developer | MERN Stack Web Development

Ajay Kapoor


Top MERN Stack Development Company in India

PixelCrayons - Get MERN stack development services from certified full stack developers having 5+ years of experience. You can also hire dedicated team as your team extension on hourly or full time basis.

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Our MERN Stack Development Services

MERN stack includes the best JavaScript technologies. We have expertise in all four of them that enables us to deliver optimum MERN stack development services.

Stay ahead of competition with our professional, tailor-made & enterprise-grade MERN Stack development services. Our MERN Stack web development company combines development expertise with modern frameworks and technologies to address critical needs of global clients across industries.

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Ajay Kapoor


Top MERN Stack Development Company in India

PixelCrayons: Get MERN stack development services from certified full stack developers having 5+ years of experience. You can also hire dedicated team as your team extension on hourly or full-time basis.

MERN stack includes the best JavaScript technologies. Our MERN stack web development company has expertise in all four of them that enables us to deliver optimum MERN stack development services.

Stay ahead of competition with our professional, tailor-made & enterprise-grade MERN Stack development services. Our MERN Stack development company India combines development expertise with modern frameworks and technologies to address critical needs of global clients across industries.

With 16+ years of domain expertise, 13800+ successful MERN Stack projects, & 6800+ happy customers, we have carved a niche in the MERN Stack development services.

Mern stack development company India

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Aria Barnes

Aria Barnes


Is Full-Stack Developer A Vaccine For Startups?

There's a wise old saying: "Working with a full stack developer can lead to better technology solutions." And in recent years, this saying has proven to be true for many startups.

In the last few years, we have heard a lot about full-stack developers.

We know that a full-stack developer is a person who has complete knowledge of the different layers involved in application development. Whether you are dealing with the front or back end or working in the business layer, they take care of everything with ease.

But did you wonder why a full-stack developer is so important for a startup? 

This blog will answer all such queries. So let's get started.

The Demand for Full-Stack Developers

As per a development report published recently, it was seen that there had been a 206% increase in demand for full-stack developers from 2018 to 2020. This is because more companies seek multifaceted skills. 

Full-stack developers or a full-stack development company are able to take care of all the development needs of your project. So whether it's front-end or back-end development or enterprise layer development, they are competent to work on everything. You can always hire full-stack developers for your business needs.

What can a Full-Stack Developer Do?

In terms of software development, there are front-end developers and back-end developers. Front-end developers create the interface, while backend developers design the software. 

A full-stack developer can do everything. They take care of application design, server-side scripting, client-side coding, coding, administration, database creation, and any other project development needs.

The following are the responsibilities of a full stack developer that you hire:

  • Manage web development

  • Code applications and programs

  • Solve problems

  • Coordinate with other team members and developers

  • Think about testing techniques for web applications

In short, a full-stack developer has a strong understanding of the technologies that determine how a website looks, functions, and functions. The said developer must have a working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Angular, Ruby, MySQL, Node, MongoDB, Apache, etc. The knowledge to work with animations and design will add a bonus point to a candidate's portfolio.

Over time, the skills required for full-stack development have expanded and evolved. Long ago, the LAMP stack included Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is more than MEAN and beyond today. 

Currently, a typical mean stack development service provides developers who can perform front-end development using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other JS frameworks; for the backend, they use Express and Node, and for databases, they follow MySQL and MongoDB.

Top Reasons to Hire Full-Stack Developers

  • Effective troubleshooting

When hiring a full-stack developer, companies are always looking for candidates who are capable of solving a problem. Full-stack developers are competent to handle all aspects of the project. They prove to be a practical solution for startups that are not willing to spend more money on many developers.

  • Wide range of technology skills

The main reason companies choose full-stack developers for their projects is their potential rather than their knowledge. Over time, companies teach them the skills they want them to have. In this way, in a few years, they learn different technological skills as the company expands.

  • Executive and management skills

Companies like to have people with business experience on board. A full-stack developer has the knowledge and expertise to work on the front-end, backend, and media architecture layers. This means that they are capable of performing better than an individual front-end or backend developer.

  • Economic

As full-stack developers can develop all aspects of a project, it is not necessary to form a team of experts. They will easily handle the project without help from anyone. This will save the right amount of money for the recruiting team.

  • Faster development process

Full-stack developers know different technologies, tools, and techniques. This means that when they take the project, they will be able to complete it faster. They will spend less time discussing and collaborating with the team on the project.

Benefits of Full-Stack Developers for Startups and Small Businesses

  • Established developers

Full-stack developers have enough experience to create outstanding features for the final product, which will be able to excite the market. They have the ability to build a complete product from scratch. If you want to gain some benefits from your product, you will have to collaborate with these experts. Remember that not all developers are capable of handling the project from a 360-degree perspective.

  • Versatility

A full-stack developer is able to work equally well on the front-end and the backend of a website or application. Front-end developers write code using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which are able to control the appearance of the solution and how it interacts with the browser and users. Backend developers write code that connects the website or application with other content management systems. A full-stack developer is capable of handling both tasks. They are focused on meeting customer expectations and finding solutions on their own.


  • Vast experience

Full-stack developers take on different web projects. This has helped them gain in-depth knowledge of various technologies and the experience to find quick solutions in web and application development. Such understanding and knowledge improve the performance of the project and its reception in the market.

  • The largest photograph

The main advantage of choosing a full-stack developer for your project is that they will come up with the complete structure of the project and offer their valuable input to the project as needed. Their services go beyond project development to maintain and optimize existing solutions.

  • Upgrades

Web design plays a crucial role in whether most people love or reject a website. Full-stack developers will make sure that the website is pretty user-friendly. They keep up with trends and technological innovations. To make sure their clients get the best interactive and responsive website, the developers implement intelligent features in their projects.

  • Troubleshooting issues

Full-stack developers have complete knowledge and experience of the different stages and aspects of website development. They are skilled enough to identify problems that may arise during the development of the project. They will propose long-term solutions to ensure that the website or application works optimally based on their findings.

  • All-inclusive

In addition to leading your web project and enabling enhancements to it, full-stack developers move to the level of representing your product to stakeholders or your company at conferences. They can move quickly from one operation to another with ease, streamlining the development process.

  • Economic

If you are on a tight budget but want to create a fantastic website, then you should consider hiring full developers for the job. You can even think about having a remote full-stack developer for the project. As such, a developer is capable of handling all aspects of project development; you won't have to hire different people for the job. This will save you a lot of money.

  • Delivery time

It will be easy for developers to share responsibilities among the team and coordinate with each other for better project progress. This will result in faster delivery of the project.

  • Project ownership

When you hire full-stack developers for your project, you can be sure that they will take care of everything. Such a developer will be able to develop MVP from start to finish. If you hire a full-stack developer in the middle of the project, even then, you'll find a way to join the flow seamlessly. Such a developer will work towards quality control of the design project.



Summing Up

So these were the advantages of hiring a full-stack developer. I hope you have noted the changes that a full-stack developer can bring to the table and in your company. However, working with a full-stack developer is the best way to work with a top full-stack development company in India.

It is a good idea that full-stack development companies bring to your projects are phenomenal and groundbreaking due to the expertise and experience that full-stack development companies bring to your projects.

If you have any other queries or suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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Top6 Advantages of MEAN Stack for Web App Development

Last decade has seen introduction of lot of new software development framework and technologies. The purpose behind creating these frameworks is to serve the need of growing demand for web and mobile applications around the world.MEAN stack is one of these latest tools for web based software development.

What is Mean stack?
MEAN Stack development is basically a composition for MongoDB, Express js, angular.js and node.js. MEAN stack some time uses react.js and to form MERN stack.Let’s look at each component in more details.

Mongo DB: MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database that will hold all of the application’s data. It allows developers to quickly change the structure of the data is persisted. Here it relies on an architecture that comprises of collection & documents and not table & rows.

Express JS: It is used to create web application easily. Also provides a slight simplification for creating a request to developer procedure. This way it gets easier to write modules, secure & fast applications.

Angular.Js: A Client-side framework, often referred to as simply Angular, it has, in fact, become a ‘default’ web front-end JavaScript formwork. Angular Js allows the client to seamlessly send and receive JSON documents.

Node.js: This java Script-based runtime is built on the version 8 engine by chrome. With a compilation of JavaScript source code to the machine code prior to execution, high-performing and scalable web applications are built by the developers.Experss is used to create a Restful API server. To connect mango dB and app server, the node.js driver is been used.
Benefits of MEAN Stack Development
Server and Client switch was never this easy
JavaScript is very popular and powerfuland it allows you to switch seamlessly between client-side and server-side. There will be no need for a third-party standalone server like Apache for deploying the app. The Node.js technology allows the developer to open the application on the server.

Multipurpose and Flexible
MEAN stack is truly wonderful and offers greater flexibility with development to developers. The framework allows for easy testing of the app on the cloud platform upon completing the development process. The development, testing and introduction into the cloud processes are done seamlessly. Any additional information can also be incorporated into the app by simply adding an extra filed on to the form. The technology responsible for this feature is MongoDB which, because it is specifically tailored for the cloud, offers automatic replication and full cluster support.

Build MVP quickly
MVP stands for a minimum viable product. It comprises to the app developed with the most basic and essential features. This set of features are the bare minimum of what users are searching for in a product. Being able to develop an MVP in the shortest time possible is critical for cutting costs as well as testing the product in the market. The MEAN stack makes it possible to create an MVP quickly because the framework offers fast development.

MEAN / MERN allows Isomorphic coding possible
There are two major OS platforms on which mobile operators, namely: iOS and Android. Anyone interested in creating an app for both platforms needs to do a separate project for each. But with the MEAN / MERN stack, this is not necessary. Apps developed using MEAN /MERN are isomorphic, meaning that they can work on multiple platforms without having to change the base code. Thus, the developer’s work is cut in half and more time is spent on enhancing the app already created. Businesses aiming to reach a wider market segment will therefore benefit from using the stack.

Ease in Development with Single Programming Language
MEAN the technologies based on JavaScript. The working environment for developers is thus enhanced, ensuring that they come up with products that will draw the attention of the users by everything that happens in one language. Single programming language also means that the backend response unit will be in a position to handle client requests quickly and efficiently as the program grows with time.

Responsive and Time-saving
If you need to develop an application with limited timelines, use MEAN stack to achieve that. It has infinite module libraries for node Js, which are ready for use. As a result this aspect saves your time and initially used to create modules from scratch. It also has an automated testing feature that instantly notifies you when a particular feature is broken. It gives you more time to polish your project to perfection.
Some of the benefits outlined above are just a little of what the company stands to gain in incorporating the MEAN stack in their app development projects. Enhanced app quality, reduced costs, and time for app development and also which to save time and money, or are just interested in managing a business.

DasinfomdiaPvt.Ltd. offer MEAN stack development services to produce adaptable, versatile web and mobile applications, which utilize JavaScript, on both client and server-side. We provide customer-centric Hire MEAN Stack Development Services.Our MEAN stack export is exceptional when it comes to MEAN stack technology and possess years of experience.

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Hire PHP Developer - Best PHP Web Frameworks for Web Development

A framework that can drastically cut down the requirement to write original code to develop the web apps as per your requirement is PHP Framework. PHP frameworks offer code libraries for commonly used functions to reduce the development time.

Want to use PHP Web Frameworks for your web applications?

WebClues Infotech offers a service to hire dedicated PHP developers for all of the below-mentioned frameworks

  • Laravel Developer
  • Codeigniter Developer
  • Yii Developer
  • Zend Developer
  • Cake PHP Developer
  • Core PHP Developer

Not sure which framework to use for your PHP web application?

Contact us

Schedule Interview with PHP Developer https://bit.ly/3dsTWf0

Email: sales@webcluesinfotech.com

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