Thought Crime is here.

Thought Crime is here.

A free and open dialogue is critical to the success of any civilisation. History shows that whenever free speech is oppressed, tyranny ensues.

A free and open dialogue is critical to the success of any civilisation. History shows that whenever free speech is oppressed, tyranny ensues.

I have just received another 30 day ban from FaceBook for sharing an image of the Hindu symbol for peace and unity, because either somebody flagged it or perhaps their algorithms mistakenly identified it as a Swastika, which is illegal in some countries.

Either way, the oppression of expression is the first step toward tyranny. We should all be wary of any attempts to suppress opinion, no matter how inane or offensive they may seem to some. The marketplace of ideas relies on this; good ideas will be encouraged and built upon, while bad ideas will eventually die out through a cultural form of natural selection.

Only those with invested interests seek to silence others who disagree with them. The truth will always emerge if open dialogue is allowed.


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