New Ad formats For Flutter

New Ad formats For Flutter

Beta program opens for inline banner and native ads support

There are many ways that mobile app developers get paid for their work. Monetizing apps via ads is one popular path for many mobile developers, including those using Flutter.

Native ad format support, in particular, is one of the top five requested features for Flutter. The previously available Google ads plugin (also known as the firebase_admob plugin) provided by the Flutter team supported overlay banner, interstitial, and rewarded video, but couldn’t render formats such as inline banner or native ads.

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Inline Banner and Native Ads

As the name suggests, inline banner ads let you integrate an ad unit as a part of the Flutter view, instead of overlaying the banner on top of the UI. Similarly, native ads allow you to design an ad experience that feels like a natural part of your app content. Some developers let us know that the lack of inline banner and native ads would hinder their ability to create beautiful and natural ads experiences, and others indicated that not having these features could potentially block them from adopting Flutter into their applications.

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