Structured Streaming in Spark 3.0 Using Kafka

After the previous post wherein we explored Apache Kafka, let us now take a look at Apache Spark. This blog post covers working within Spark’s interactive shell environment, launching applications (including onto a standalone cluster), streaming data and lastly, structured streaming using Kafka. To get started right away, all of the examples will run inside Docker containers.

Kafka Spark Streaming | Kafka Tutorial

🔥Intellipaat Kafka training: 👉In this kafka spark streaming tutorial you will learn what is apache kafka, arch...

Spark Structured Streaming – Stateful Streaming

Spark Structured Streaming – Stateful Streaming. Welcome back folks to this blog series of Spark Structured Streaming. This blog is the continuation of the earlier blog "Internals of Structured Streaming".

Apache Kafka: Docker Container and examples in Python

How to install Kafka using Docker and produce/consume messages in Python. Apache Kafka is a stream-processing software platform originally developed by LinkedIn, open sourced in early 2011 and currently developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It is written in Scala and Java.

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