The Beginner’s Guide To JavaScript

The Beginner’s Guide To JavaScript

The Beginner’s Guide To JavaScript. This is the first of two stories where you will learn everything you need to know to start programming using JavaScript.

How to learn effectively

Learning: The acquisition of skills and the ability to apply them in the future.

What makes an Effective learner?

  • They are active listeners.
  • They are engaged with the material.
  • They are receptive of feedback.
  • They are open to difficulty.

Why do active learning techniques feel difficult?

  • It feels difficult because you are constantly receiving feedback, and so you are constantly adapting and perfecting the material.

Desirable Difficulty

  • The skills we wish to obtain is often a difficult one.
  • We want challenging but possible lessons based on current level of skill.

Effective learners space their practice

  • Consistent effort > cramming => for durable knowledge

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