HR Tech Market—What You Need to Know About It

HR Tech Market—What You Need to Know About It

HR tech is nowadays common in most enterprises, growing faster than ever. Find out what drives this market and why it is worth exploring.

You use them every day. Whether you work in a global enterprise or a disruptive start-up, they surround you and are quite indispensable at work. It’s them (and the accountant) who make sure everybody gets their payroll on time, let you communicate with your colleagues easily or take care of everyone's well-being. The range of areas they are used in and their positive impact on work is undeniable. Already got an idea of what I have in mind? I’m talking about HR tech apps. Because they make employees’ and employers’ lives a little better and they created a place in which Human Resources and Technology not only meet, but also enter a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship.

If you’re thinking that maybe connecting these apparently distant fields is unnecessary or impossible, I’m hurrying to tell you — it’s already happening in full bloom. The HR tech is a complementary element to HR departments’ activities and a must for most enterprises. The global market is definitely expanding, with its current value amounting even to $400 billion. What drives this market and why is this area worth exploring?

Going through this article not only will you find answers to the above questions, but you will also learn the origins of HR tech and its growth. You’ll also be able to identify what makes an app fall into this category. You’ll be surprised how many HR tech apps are actually within your daily reach and use. Ready for a ride into the HR landscape?

HR Tech or not?

Before I delve into the matter of HR tech, I find it crucial to clarify what we’re going to talk about. Human Resources Technology. But what exactly does it mean? Flooded with fancy names and impressive buzzwords, even the most experienced HR Manager might get misled or lose track of what classifies as HR Technology and what doesn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had trouble cracking the acronym or doubt the measurable benefits that each app is supposed to bring.

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