Java News Roundup - Week of March 22nd, 2021

Java News Roundup - Week of March 22nd, 2021

Java News Roundup - Week of March 22nd, 2021. A roundup of last week's news in the OpenJDK and wider Java ecosystem.

It has been a fairly significant week in the OpenJDK ecosystem.

Two of the JEPs related to the delivery of Pattern Matching have reached Candidate status.

They are Pattern Matching for switch and records and array Patterns.

As previously reported by InfoQ, Pattern Matching is one of the major deliverables of Project Amber, which is making steady progress towards delivery, but which will definitely not produce final versions of its long-awaited features in time for Java 17 LTS.

Two security-related features have also made progress:

Remove RMI Activation and Dynamic Deserialization Features, which builds upon earlier work to lock down (and ultimately deprecate) the Java serialization mechanism.

In other security news, the Java applet API is now Targeted for Removal in Java 17.

The applet API was one of Java's original selling points - as a way of delivering rich client applications in the browser - and has been present since Java 1.0. In recent years, however, all mainstream browsers have removed support for this API as the browser has matured as an application delivery platform.

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