The Three.js tag has really bad questions

The Three.js tag has really bad questions

The distribution of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">three.js</a>&nbsp;tagged question is something like this:

The distribution of three.js tagged question is something like this:

1 x

super clear, graphics / WebGL / GLSL / JavaScript related question for the library, that makes sense, is properly formatted and helps the community.

19 x

confusing, lazy, ill-formatted questions that make no sense, and are often not even remotely three.js related (basic JavaScript or DOM)

What can be done to remedy this?

I notice a lot of the questions simply go unanswered. Some do get downvoted though.

I find myself writing more comments than answers lately. Sometimes I link to MCVE, and sometimes I explain why the question is not three.js-related and remove the tags.

Other times, users accept answers that are wrong. They ask one question, but within there's a different problem hidden. The accepted answer usually focuses on the problem, rather than the question. This is when I usually suggest to edit the question, but some times I urged for the different answers to be accepted.

It doesn't seem that there are too many people responding to three.js, and I'm also under the impression that a lot of the questions are asked by people who register specifically to ask that question.

Is it possible to somehow urge the users to read MCVE before posting a question with this tag?


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