Build Real time Chat Application in PHP Mysql using WebSocket

Build Real time Chat Application in PHP Mysql using WebSocket

In this post, we are going to build a simple PHP and Mysql Chat Application using PHP Web Socket Ratchet. If you are looking for How to crea...

We have make one interesting tutorial on Chat Application and We have use Ratchet WebSocket Library for made Chat application with PHP script and Mysql database. This is real time chat application in which whole chat data will be stored in Mysql database with Ratchet library using PHP script. With help of this chat application multiple user can chat with each other in real time.

For make real time chat application here we have use websocket because Websocket is a bi-directional, full duplext, persitent connection from web browser to a server. So once websocket is made established connetion then it will received data from server. So most of the chat application use websocket this is because when one user has share message then that message will be received to all conneted user.

In this tutorial, we have make group chat application in which one user share message and all other user will received message and in this tutorial we have also made private chat feature also, so two user can do private chat with eachother and that chat cannot see other user.

With this tutorial you can get complete source code of this websocket chat application and here you can also find complete video tutorial of this tutorial series also.

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