Archie  Powell

Archie Powell


Securing the Future of Remote Working With Augmented Intelligence


Are you familiar with the fact that utilization of artificial intelligence across businesses will tend to create $2.9 trillion of business value in 2021 as well as 6.2 billion hours of productivity? Keeping in view this up-pacing technology, the artificial intelligence market is projected to grow to $190 billion by the year 2025.

Without any uncertainty, it is clear this whole globe is accommodated with synergizing human intelligence and artificial intelligence. The immense acquisition is observed especially during the pandemic of COVID-19 which was an excuse that “work from home” is becoming a new normal. Either working from home, or from the office or a blend of both, employees are learning to work in different ways with different collaborative tools. As organizations are facing this new normal, technological advancements have made work from home a seamless reality. The evolution of augmented intelligence has paved the way for collaborative experience and richer work.

Augmented intelligence is very exciting because it basically acknowledges that there is a whole lot of difference between humans and artificial intelligence, even if a few of the human skills can replace some of the AI and vice versa. The emergence of these two powerful skills depicts promising results and enhancing remote working especially during the pandemic of COVID-19. Some other immersive technologies that are leaving a promising impact on remote working are embodied cognition, robotic process automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

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Securing the Future of Remote Working With Augmented Intelligence