Types of Data Structures in Python: List, Tuple, Sets & Dictionary

Types of Data Structures in Python: List, Tuple, Sets & Dictionary

Data Structures is an essential concept in any programming language. In this article, you will find a detailed discussion on, all types of data structures in Python.

Python is an all-time favourite language for all Data Science enthusiasts. The versatile nature and easy-to-understand approach help developers to focus more on understanding the trends in the data and deriving meaningful insights rather than spending time to fix a minor semicolon bug or closing the overhead bracket. Python being the most popular language among beginners is adapted quickly, so it becomes important to hold a good grasp of this language. 

Data Structures is an essential concept in any programming language. It defines how the variables and data can be stored and retrieved from the memory in the best possible way, depending upon the data type. It also defines the relationship between variables, which helps in deciding the operations and functions that should be performed over them. Let’s understand how Python manages data.

Types of Data Structure in Python

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