Understanding Currying Function in JavaScript

Understanding Currying Function in JavaScript

Did you know about currying function in JavaScript? If not, this article is suit best for you. Let's learn about currying function in Javascript.

Currying is an advanced technique that you should know when facing function in JavaScript. In normal conditions, JavaScript arrow functions are written like this.

const multiply = (a,b) => a*b

From the code above, we can understand that the function is used for multiplying two variable a and b and display the result. But let we move into one condition when currying is used. I have the console program like this


By using the function above, the program will be error, because the (6) variable is not a function. To make the program work, we need the currying function to do his job. So the program is written like this

const multiply = (a) => (b) => a * b

If we run the code again, the output will print the correct answer. Do you know why it works?

Simple, currying is the technique of converting a function that takes multiple arguments into a sequence of function that each take a single argument. This function can helping us to removing repetition. Here is the example that I got from simonschwartz.

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