Decision Making: Relational or NoSQL

Decision Making: Relational or NoSQL

After reviewing all of the features provided by both of these databases, one can decide whether to use a relational or a noSQL database. In this article, compare relational and NoSQL and see distributed architecture, CAP Theorem, and more.

Here, I am going to explore the possibilities from Relational Databases perspective and how they come a long way to compete with NoSQL Databases. I am going to compare two managed databases from AWS, DynamoDB and Aurora, to see if it's really worth giving credit to one type of database over another.

Distributed Architecture

When it comes to distributed systems or databases, there is fundamental difference in the architecture of NoSQL and Relational Database distributed DB modeling based on the priorities that they opted for. That is a common design pattern used in most of the databases available.

Relational Databases mainly use Master-Slave Architecture and in contrast, in NoSQL Databases, there is no such master-slave or primary secondary concept.

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