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Benefits of Offshoring Software Development Projects


If you have a business and looking to grow your brand, then offshore software development could be the right choice for you. It’s one of the best cost-saving strategies that many companies and organizations use for years now to expand their operations and reach out to customers across the globe. However, savings is just among the many benefits of offshoring.

Here we’ll highlight the benefits that offshoring could bring. As software development has become an absolute must for businesses to survive these days, offshoring could lead to the right path.

6 Major Benefits of Offshore Software Development

Software development offshoring is when you move your software development requirement to a service provider from a different country. Due to the rapid escalation of globalization, most companies consider partnering with an offshore software development company an effective way of building a highly-functional software solution.

Why offshore software development is extremely beneficial, particularly in the pandemic world today? Let’s explore.

1. Cost-Effective

The offshore development model enables you to partner with powerful tech potential with affordable operational costs and moderate rates. This approach could generate an average savings of around 40 to 60 percent the original price on development services when doing it in-house or locally. You can access the same qualified professional developers overseas but at a much lesser cost.

2. Top Talent Access

Because of the rising demand all over the world, IT staffing and recruiting are getting more difficult. Last year, 46 percent of industry executives cited the availability of talent as their main concern. Finding high-quality talents in countries such as the UK, USA, and Canada is a pretty challenging endeavor already.

Having an offshore software development company to partner with is a great solution. The offshoring model offers access to a wider variety of software development specialists across the globe. When you move your software development requirement to an overseas partner, you could connect with the best developers in your niche.

Having a team in a remote location minimizes hindrances in geography as well as removes the need to compete for top skills and talent with big tech firms.

3. Faster Hiring Time

Typically, it would take from 10 to 12 weeks to find the right tech talent. Moreover, since software engineers join the project one by one, the recruitment stage could go on for 5 to 7 months. Partnering with an offshore software development company provides you access to a talent pool that otherwise you would not have had access to.

There are so many seasoned and expert software developers anywhere in the world, which hastens the development process. Furthermore, a renowned offshore service provider could enable you to have a fully-fledged product delivery team ready between six to ten weeks.

4. Easy Kick-Off

Creating an internal development team from scratch incurs a huge overhead on run-time and staggering operative costs. You need to allocate sufficient funding and working hours to recruit, hire, and train the tech staff. Offshore development could spare you from these.

They will, furthermore, provide a dedicated development team made up of software engineers and developers who best fit your project specifications and requirements. Therefore, this kind of partnership offers hassle-free management, high-quality results, and budget efficiency that could not be beaten.

5. Activity round-the-clock

Usually, remote staffing implies a noticeable disparity in the time zone. While others may consider it a downside, it actually could facilitate faster delivery. Overlaps between local and remote hours of work could ensure a continuous workflow and constant supply of services as well.

The availability of resources 24 hours a day mean that you would have people working on the project all times. This helps determine and manage any problems that could arise in the process of development in a timely manner. A local team would require doing late-night shifts or extra working hours.

Having an offshore development team working four to six hours ahead or behind your time could enable you to introduce changes without interruptions on the normal workflow.

6. Flexible Structure of the Development Team

The majority of tech-oriented firms do not all the time need the same resources. The ability to change business model, tech stack, or team capacity on the fly, as a matter of fact, shows how fast they could adapt to the continuous evolution of project specifications. In this regard, an offshore software development company shines a lot.

The remote office model, when it comes to team composition, is pretty much flexible. At the beginning of the software development lifecycle, for instance, tasks that mostly pertain to making user-facing elements would only require having front-end engineers on board. When the work nature changes as you switch to crafting server-side app logic, there would be more backend specialists added to the team.

 Kinds of Offshoring

Offshoring could be divided into two different categories.


This involves offshoring a software development requirement to a nearby country. This usually is a country that is located within the same continent. This should not be confused with onshoring. Onshoring is a process wherein you relocate your services within the same country.

You’re doing business ‘onshore’ with onshoring, in contrast to ‘offshore’.  Nearshoring offers various benefits that are much the same as offshoring. Some of the benefits include lower business costs, lower wages, and so on.

The nearshore operation helps avoid challenges in cultural differences as well as other social issues.  Moreover, nearshoring helps avoid a security breach. Sharing information between locations and systems, specifically internationally could increase the risk of a breach in security.

Offshore Outsourcing

This is when you combine offshoring and outsourcing by contracting work to a third-party vendor in a different country. This strategy saves on cost and helps explore both the advantages of outsourcing and offshoring simultaneously.  You have to choose the right software development partner to avoid problems, such as possible security risks and hidden costs.

Some of the advantages of offshoring include operational cost reduction, increased flexibility, access to a much bigger workforce, and so on.


In the long run, partnering with an offshore software development company is less expensive and much easier than hiring local talent. The benefits of offshoring could not be denied, particularly in the pandemic world we are facing now. Expert offshore software development service providers are experts in crafting software solutions that best fit your business requirements. 

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Christa Stehr


Offshore Software Development - Best Practices

With the rise of globalization and the worldwide lockdown due to the pandemic, most of the work has been done by remote working processes and professionals from their homes. This lockdown has proved the efficiency of remote development and enhanced the trust in offshore software development industry.

To make the most out of the benefits of offshore software development, you should understand the crucial factors that affect offshore development. This is why you should read this guide for the best practices when hiring an offshore software development company. Despite the size and the industry of the business, offshore software development is not beneficial for every entrepreneur in many aspects to make the optimum use of talents in technology across the globe.

Here are some of the top reasons why offshore development is beneficial for your business.

  • Offshore development teams can work on flexible timing to provide you with the best possible software development practices.
  • Get access to the talents across the world from your home to develop the top of the line software with the help of offshore development companies.
  • Assured high quality and next-generation technology expertise with duly NDA signed with respect to the priorities of the business.
  • With flexible recruitment models, you can hire the freelance developers, remote development team, or an entire offshore development company with respect to the size of your business.
  • Build high-end software applications from one corner of the world by hiring software developers across the world.
  • Get immediate access to the best resources without hiring them on a permanent basis.

To avail of all these benefits, you should have clear goals, a list of requirements, and features that are mandatory for your software product.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best offshore software development company. Build a top-notch software application by following the listed best practices.

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Changes in the global offshore software development in next decade 2030

Quick Summary:
Looking at the current market size of the Global Offshore Software Development, the future seems to be on the pinnacle of success. With the pace of technological advancements, the next decade of software development, meetings, collaborations, and outsourcing will be flawless by bridging all the barriers that entrepreneurs face today. Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality (Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality) will transform the way the Mobile and Web Development Companies function. This blog encloses a futuristic vision that will enable young entrepreneurs to check the scope of Global Offshore Software Development in the next decade. Find out how to hire offshore software developers with whom you can reliably outsource your mobile and web development.

The Changing Work Life

Something is constantly changing in the working world of today. An evolution forces organizations to think differently about what it means to be an employee, a manager, or an entrepreneur thinking to outsource software development offshore to a remote software development company. Five trends are persuading this evolution to trigger by challenging everything that you consider normal work patterns.

They are:

Globalization- Globalization has arranged the entire world within a big city-like arrangement. Language, culture, currency, geographical location, etc. now matter much less. Organizations can find talented developers from any corner of the globe.

Mobility- Thanks to Mobility, we can stay connected to our favorite people and the needed information anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Hence, work is no longer a destination to go; instead, it is something you carry with you all day in your pocket (smartphone) wherever you go.

Changing Demographics- Currently, the workforce comprises 50% of millennials, i.e., the age group employees 24 to 37, born between 1981 and 1996. By 2025, 75% of your workforce will be millennials. This generation expects and wants to work in modern ways. Say, for example, they don’t want to follow the traditional and conceptual working patterns. Instead, they switch to organizational change.

New Behaviors- Your future employees are changing their mindset and behaviors to adapt to the changing workforce. New behaviors are rapidly entering your organizations. Every aspect of business behavior is completely transformed today. For instance, your employees share their personal feelings, feedback, comments, and thoughts on public platforms, their professional details on LinkedIn, their photos on Instagram, etc. Everything has transformed- from communication, learning, collaboration, teaching, content, finding information, and more in your workplace.

Technology- Modern technologies like Big Data, IoT, Collaboration platforms, Wearable Devices, 5G, and Cloud computing keep us productive and engaged in new work patterns. Technology is the balance wheel of your organization, as it enables everything else to function appropriately. Take a look at how technology will propel our work and life in 2030 in this video:

Clearly technology, globalization, new behaviors, and changing demographics are acting as the catalysts of future work patterns and workforce. Hence, if you don’t take your organization from these needs to the wants of the employees, your organization clearly has no future. Now is the time you unveil the curtains and enter the new generation of workplace and culture.

Are you ready for the future of work?

Meetings in the Future

Meetings in the Future

Today’s meetings are different from how they used to be in traditional offices. Agile methodology has alleviated frequent and quick meetings that aren’t structured. Audio-meetings are a thing of the past; employees expect to communicate without any barriers of locations and devices.

More than 75% of people are communicating with colleagues sitting at distinct geographical locations every day. Those who communicate with remote team members on a regular basis believe that video calls are the best medium of communication.

In the upcoming decade, thanks to Mixed Reality, an employee sitting in his home or any distinct location will be able to join in a meeting with his colleagues in the office in three-dimension 3D with a holographic video call.

This form of meeting where we see the merging of our real-time environments (workplace) with mixed reality (augmented and virtual reality) is known as holographic teleportation. As such meetings take over our work functions, entrepreneurs’ barriers while Offshore outsourcing software development will collapse altogether.

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5 Core Criteria for Selecting Software Development Company -

Check out these five criteria for the selection of your software vendor, and you will never regret having the wrong quality product made for you.

One of the primary reasons why many companies are stuck with an underperforming software product is that they did not give the requisite attention in selecting an efficient software development partner. We assure you that if you put in some effort and pay heed to the factors mentioned above, then you will be able to select an efficient custom software development company to build your software that will cater to all your requirements.

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