Cyclic api calls in microservices

Cyclic api calls in microservices

Assume there are two services,

Assume there are two services,

  1. Product Service
  2. Coupon service

Coupon is tagged against the product. And when the coupon is changed for any product there is an API call from product service to the coupon service which calculates the coupon discount and sends back to the product service. And product service maintains that cache. However, To calculate the discount, coupon service need the product information such as product category, SKU type etc. and discount varies based on that so there is again an API call to the product service making it cyclic call. There are a couple of solutions,

  1. maintain product cache at the coupon service. - This is an overhead as we need to maintain the cache on every product field update and this is not the solution we are looking for.
  2. When product service makes an API call to the coupon service, send all the fields it needs - There is tight coupling in this approach.

What is the correct way to solve this problem?

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