eLearning Mobile App Development | Education App Developers

eLearning Mobile App Development | Education App Developers

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We cannot forget the time when your kids using a smartphone was considered a distraction. But due to the advancement and fusion of technology in your classroom, to make them more interactive. According to the research done in the past, it is proven that learning from a video makes your kid remember it for long or sometimes forever. The advancements in the eLearning app development are the silver lining we were talking about.

The seamless interaction app development has altered the use of smartphones and made them an interactive classroom for the kids. Look to the situation brought by the CoVid-19 pandemic. Many organizational universities and schools have moved to the digital platform to provide education to the students. With the revolutionary innovations made by eLearning app development, many developed micro-courses for students and professionals to develop skills.

Today, you're going to know about ten such eLearning platforms.

10 Popular eLearning Mobile Applications in 2021

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an interactive platform that allows universities or schools to conduct lectures, raise discussions, call for the projects and grade assignments, and other functional activities that makes it the educational institute. Setting up a classroom on Google Classroom is as easy as unlocking your smartphone. The professor or the lecturer shares the code with the class, and the students use the code for entering into the course.


It is a non-profit organization that provides online courses to its users. Despite being in the class, you can enroll for the course on an individual level in your favorite stream or niche you are willing to develop your skill. Both professionals and students generally use the edx platform to develop new skills and career guidance.

Khan Academy

It is another popular eLearning mobile application that is free to use for students. Khan Academy is a donation-based eLearning platform that provides interactive videos in many streams to nurture students' adequate knowledge.


By the name, it signs what the purpose of the app is. Duolingo is used to learn other languages. With its interactive approach people, gets familiar with other languages too quickly. At the beginner's level, the app provides you with familiar images with translations. And with each step, the complexity increases.


Thinking of group study makes you remember your old days of studying in groups. But when we talk about the eLearning environment, it is hard for the organization to call all students under one roof to study. Remind facilitates you with this fantastic feature.


Math is a puzzling subject for many students. Well, here is the answer to your question. Do you find solving problems uninteresting? or is your interest in it hard to understand some questions? Here is the solution, Photomath. All you need is to take a snapshot of the question written on a piece of paper. As you snapshot it, Photomath gives you the problem's solution in a step-by-step method.


The world of programming has become more widespread than ever thought about. If it weren't for the codes, you wouldn't be able to read this informative blog to help you or your kids gain some knowledge for free or at a minimal cost. Sololearn is heaven for coding aspirants. It enables you to access all the

programming languages to choose the one you want to learn and make money by using your skills you learned.


Well, you are all known to this advanced learning platform. Udemy is the most popular eLearning platform for developing your skills. It allows you to have access to multiple courses at a time. Its interactive platform enables you to choose from Introductory lectures to Advanced lectures. Udemy is now starting to work on correspondence degree programs to help students gain education from their favorite institutes.


Coursera is another eLearning platform for the students enabling them to enroll in the institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, University of Edinburg, and many more. There are many courses arranged for the students to bring their future in the enlightenment of success.


An interactive quiz-based platform that allows students to gain unexplainable delight in getting the correct answer. It is an eLearning mobile application for those who admire learning things through quizzes.

In conclusion, the eLearning app development has given us a wide variety of platforms for many specific niches. If you are looking for the same eLearning platform that can also be popular, like the apps mentioned above. Get an app for yourself today.

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