Anomaly Detection using Autoencoders

Anomaly Detection using Autoencoders

Learn what are AutoEncoders, how they work, their usage, and finally implement Autoencoders for anomaly detection in perform fraud detection using Autoencoders in TensorFlow

Perform fraud detection using Autoencoders in TensorFlow

Learn what are AutoEncoders, how they work, their usage, and finally implement Autoencoders for anomaly detection.

AutoEncoder is a generative unsupervised deep learning algorithm used for reconstructing high-dimensional input data using a neural network with a narrow bottleneck layer in the middle which contains the latent representation of the input data.

Autoencoder consists of an Encoder and a Decoder.

  • Encoder network: Accepts high-dimensional input data and translates it to latent low-dimensional data. The input size to an Encoder network is larger than its output size.
  • Decoder network: The Decoder network receives the input from the Encoder coder’s output. Decoder’s objective is to reconstruct the input data. The output size of a Decoder network is larger than its input size.

The Autoencoder accepts high-dimensional input data, compress it down to the latent-space representation in the bottleneck hidden layer; the Decoder takes the latent representation of the data as an input to reconstruct the original input data.

Autoencoders Usage

  • *Dimensionality Reduction. *The Encoder encodes the input into the hidden layer to reduce the dimensionality of linear and nonlinear data; hence it is more powerful than PCA.
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Anomaly Detection: Autoencoders tries to minimize the reconstruction error as part of its training. Anomalies are detected by checking the magnitude of the reconstruction loss.
  • Denoising Images: An image that is corrupted can be restored to its original version.
  • Image recognition: Stacked autoencoder are used for image recognition by learning the different features of an image.
  • Image generation: Variational Autoencoder(VAE), a type of autoencoders, is used to generate images.

Read about different types of Autoencoder **[here](**

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