Top 5 VSCode Extensions To Boost Productivity When Using Markdown

Top 5 VSCode Extensions To Boost Productivity When Using Markdown

I've been switching from Emacs to VSCode for almost a year and I'm happy with my productivity. Most of the time, I'm editing Markdown. Let me share these five very useful extensions to increase your productivity on Markdown.

I moved from Emacs to VSCode for almost one year, and I’m happy about my productivity.

Most of the time, I’m editing Markdown.

Let me share these five extensions which are useful for boosting your productivity on Markdown.

1. Markdown All in One

Markdown All in One is a must for editing Markdown. It contains Markdown preview, keyboard shortcuts, auto preview, and more.

The shortcuts will make editing Markdown much easy:

Gif showing markdown all in one

The completion also contains path finding:

We can print Markdown to HTML with the command: Markdown: Print current document to HTML.

Furthermore, it comes with beautiful Math support:

2. Dictionary Completion

Dictionary Completion is another extension to help you input English words quicker. Because I’m not a native English speaker, this helps me write words correctly:

Markdown does not support quick suggestions by default; we need to add the below snippet to make hints appear when type in a Markdown file:

_"[markdown]": {_

_"editor.quickSuggestions": true_


3. Paste Image

I love inserting more screenshots into my Markdown files. Paste Image helps me save my images from xclip. This extension supports Mac/Windows/Linux.

4. PlantUML

PlantUML is an awesome extension if you need to draw diagrams.

In PlantUML, diagrams are defined using a simple and intuitive language. When you editing the source files of the diagrams, you can also preview the result:

PlantUML supports all kinds of diagrams used by developers, such as sequence diagrams, object and class diagrams, etc.

If you are already familiar with, you will like another extension: Integration.

5. Markdown Emoji

We need more smiles!

Markdown Emoji does one simple thing: adds some Emoji faces to your document.

But I found a defect in this extension. My Hexo rendered result does not show Emojis correctly in HTML. There is a similar extension Emoji that solves this issue. And you can even add Emojis into code:

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