Most Widely Used Plesk Extensions and Toolkits This ‘HoliDeals’ Season

Most Widely Used Plesk Extensions and Toolkits This ‘HoliDeals’ Season

Most Widely Used Plesk Extensions and Toolkits This ‘HoliDeals’ Season. If you enjoyed the first HoliDeals announcement, this blog post will definitely perk you up.

If you enjoyed the **[first HoliDeals announcement], this blog post will definitely perk you up.** The world is running on Cloud today.

But don’t worry – we got you sorted. As they say, ’tis the season to be jolly. And we want to make your holidays even more special with our [Plesk HoliDeals Calendar.] For 24 days, starting from December 1st, 2020, you’ll get exclusive discounts on top Plesk extensions, feature packs, toolkits, and licenses to make your toolbox jingle all the way!

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Announcing Plesk WordPress Toolkit 4.8 Release

In this update, we focus on customer-requested features: Smart Updates CLI, notifications for outdated plugins, default WP installation language, and more.

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit 5.2 is Now Available

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit 5.2 is now publicly available! This release focuses on catching up on popular customer requests and fixing various nagging issues. The 5.2 update has something for everyone, so let’s take a look at what’s new!

All You Need to Know About the Plesk WordPress Toolkit 4.10 Release

WordPress Toolkit 4.10 is also the last major WordPress Toolkit release that supports Plesk Onyx 17.8. Although we’ll continue to release security updates for Plesk Onyx customers until its End of Life. However, if you want to keep getting major new features and improvements, it’s time to update your Plesk. WordPress Toolkit 5.0 will only be available for Plesk Obsidian.

Deep Dive Into WordPress Toolkit 4.7 Release

We’ve just released the WordPress Toolkit 4.7 update - the third major update in 2020. Read on to learn what was added in this release.

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit 5.1

We're proud to announce that the Plesk WordPress Toolkit v5.1 is now publicly available. The Database User Management feature was already available in Plesk before. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t fit into the WordPress Toolkit 5.0 schedule. Since we want WordPress Toolkit to be as identical as possible on both Plesk and cPanel, we’ve added this ability in WordPress Toolkit 5.1