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6 Best Free Resources to Learn Git

Version control is a key part of developers’ daily lives in the field of software engineering. It enables a group of developers or collaborators to work independently on the same project. With the  development becoming more complicated, different versions of the source code would need to be maintained and managed. This is where version control comes in to facilitate the life of a developer.

VCS is a software application that lets developers track changes to their source code made by team or contributors’ fellow engineers. VCS enables the team to operate separately quicker and better without any concerns. The code modifications in a particular database type are monitored. This is the main advantage of utilizing software for version control.

Git is a free, open-source program that supports efficient version management. In the alternative to depending on a central server that saves file updates, each user will have a copy of his/her project code on the hard drive. It has several advantages and features which make it easier to create and work together.

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6 Best Free Resources to Learn Git