Testing Kafka and Spring Boot

Testing Kafka and Spring Boot

Learn about a couple of approaches for testing Kafka applications with Spring Boot. Apache Kafka is a powerful, distributed, fault-tolerant stream processing system.

1. Overview

Apache Kafka is a powerful, distributed, fault-tolerant stream processing system. In a previous tutorial, we learned how to work with Spring and Kafka.

In this tutorial, we'll build on the previous one and learn how to write reliable, self-contained integration tests that don't rely on an external Kafka server running.

First, we'll start but looking at how to use and configure an embedded instance of Kafka. Then we'll see how we can make use of the popular framework Testcontainers from our tests.

2. Dependencies

Of course, we'll need to add the standard spring-kafka dependency to our pom.xml:


Then we'll need two more dependencies specifically for our tests. First, we'll add the spring-kafka-test artifact:


And finally, we'll add the Testcontainers Kafka dependency, which is also available over on Maven Central:


Now that we have all the necessary dependencies configured, we can write a simple Spring Boot application using Kafka.

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