How to Automate Golang Delivery with Buddy CI/CD

How to Automate Golang Delivery with Buddy CI/CD

In this article, we will set up a continuous delivery pipeline for a Golang application. How to Automate Golang Delivery With Buddy CI/CD. Faster CI/CD

Buddy is a continuous integration, delivery, and deployment tool that takes advantage of Git to provide a comfortable and customizable experience when setting up pipelines to automate your repository tasks.

Buddy’s  pipelines consist of a set of actions defined by the developer that are run in a specific order and can be executed either manually or automatically when executing a Git push. The visual approach also makes it easy for beginners as well as DevOps experts to set up fully functional pipelines in the shortest amount of time possible.

In this article, we will set up a continuous delivery pipeline for a Golang application. The pipeline will help us achieve two things:

  1. Quicker development process by providing a standardized development feedback loop

  2. Safer deployment by reducing the risk of manual errors

    screen showing the steps in a finished pipeline

Finished pipeline

We will do this by building a pipeline that first tests the application and then builds a Docker container image (if the tests were successful). The Docker image will then be pulled and run on a DigitalOcean droplet. We will also send out notifications with the latest build status to the members working on the project over Slack and email.

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