Automatic Pause and Resume of an Azure SQL database

Automatic Pause and Resume of an Azure SQL database

This article will show how to automatic Pause and Resume an Azure SQL database.

Azure SQL Database is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service component for migrating your on-premises SQL Server to cloud infrastructure. We always look for performance, cost, and scaling resources while we plan resources in the cloud. Many times, we do not want our databases running 247365. Suppose you have a development or training database. Your developers work during the daytime on the weekdays. If you deploy an Azure SQL Database, you don’t get an option to stop it. You get charged for it whether you use it actively or not.

Similarly, you might have specific workloads such as batch data load process that requires high compute resources for limited hours. In that case, we do not want to configure a high compute azure SQL database and pay for higher resources all the time.

Azure SQL Database Serverless compute resources for a single database with the automatic scaling feature. It automatically scales up and down resources based on your workload requirements. If you do not have active connections for specific hours, it automatically pauses databases. Usually, while the serverless database runs, you get charged for storage and per second compute resource usage. Once the database is in paused status, it charges you only for storage, no bills charged for computing resources.

Cost comparison of Azure SQL Database in Serverless and Provisioned compute tier

Once we start deploying the azure database, by default, it configures a general-purpose compute tier with 2vCores and 32 GB storage.

Click on the configure database, and you get Provisioned, and Serverless compute tiers. In the Provisioned tier, your price is dependent on the VCores and max storage. As shown in the below image, it costs you 26660.08 INR estimated cost per month.

In case you increase the vCores and data max size, you get a higher estimated cost per month.

Now, let’s check the estimated cost for Serverless computing. Here, you define min and max vCores. For the below min 0.75 vCores and max 1 vCores, it automatically selects 2.02 GB min and 3 GB max memory.

In the estimated price, you get the following estimates:

  • Estimated storage cost per month
  • Estimated compute resource cost per second

You can change the min and max vCores and max storage to estimate database cost in a serverless architecture.

Compute bills in Azure database serverless architecture

As shown above, Azure SQL Database serverless architecture charges you for the total number of seconds you have active workload. Now, suppose you have done the following configurations for the serverless database.

  • Min vCores: 1
  • Max vCores: 4
  • Minimum memory: 3 GB
  • Maximum Memory: 12 GB
  • Max data storage: 200 GB

You get the estimated price for running workload as below.

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