A quick view of Exploratory testing

A quick view of Exploratory testing

Some time ago I personally didn’t know what was exploratory testing or neither what it was useful for. But then I found a really good example that showed me in a very easy way how this technique can be described and change a bit my perspective about the concerns related to this technique.

Let’s imagine you want to visit a new city. If you use a planned approach ( which is still considered the “common” way the “most useful” way to do it), what you will do is the following:

  • Previous to the trip, you will look for a map and a guide** for that city.
  • Also, you will search about what interesting thing you can do in the city** ( frequently we just use a literal internet search and probably the city will have a page or web site)
  • After that, you will give some priority based on what are your likes**, and choose what you would like to do.
  • Considering the time you have to spend in the city then, planning how long you are going to stay in each place or activity.**

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