9 Types of Software Testing Every Tester Should Know

9 Types of Software Testing Every Tester Should Know

9 Types of Software Testing Every Tester Should Know. When does the developer test? Do you have your own software testing team? This blog on Types of Software testing will provide in-depth. You have to do a great deal of unit testing as you should test each and every unit of code.

A deep dive into types of software testing.

There is no such thing as error-free software. Some errors reveal themselves in the early development phases, while other errors only show up after commissioning or sales.

Locating and fixing the source code's respective problems can become a very complex and time-consuming affair at an advanced development stage. This is where software testing comes into play in all its diversity.

Why software testing?

The more extensive and complex a software application becomes, the more necessary are continuous tests. Skillful software testing enables errors to be recognized and corrected in good time, with more effective troubleshooting being supported by implementing suitable test scenarios on the part of project management.

For this reason alone, the development team should think about testing in parallel with development. The customer, as the purchaser of the software, should, in turn, ask the development team by which method the software or its individual modules are to be tested. The following questions are important:

  • When does the developer test? Maybe shortly before handover and acceptance?
  • Do you have your own software testing team?
  • Are there ongoing tests?

Software testing in four basic test categories

In software testing, complete applications or their sub-components should go through at least four test categories: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and End User Testing. These test units follow a systematic structure and should be used as a minimum requirement in the development phase.

1. Unit testing

2. Integration testing

3. System testing

4. End-user testing

Further methods of software testing

Software testing can run through other special test procedures in the course of development. Here are some commonly used methods:

5. Regression Testing

6. Performance Testing

7. Gorilla Testing

8. Smoke Testing

9. Installation testing

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