Is Go Faster Than Java? A Wrong Question to Ask

Is Go Faster Than Java? A Wrong Question to Ask

Is Go Faster Than Java? A Wrong Question to Ask - Fact: Go is faster when it comes to build Well, this is much less likely to happen with Go. Docker images containing Go executables are usually smaller than Java equivalent.

For a rational choice we need to consider other more important elements.

I often happen to stump into posts comparing Java and Go. Almost always, at the center of the comparison is either the speed of execution or the presence/lack of specific features (usually absent in Go and well established in Java).

So if one writes that Go is awesome, there are tens of replies stating that Java is much better because “there is this benchmark that proves Java is much faster_” (plus it has Generics and also try-catch). Then you read the “_benchmark “that states that Java is faster than Go, and you find another flock of comments sustaining the opposite.

The tone tends to quickly drift towards that of a religious war.

But, wait a minute. Is it possible to approach it from a different standpoint? Is it possible to evaluate which of the two languages is likely to bring more benefits to a specific organisation, product or project?

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