What Is the Single Best Way to Learn JavaScript?

What Is the Single Best Way to Learn JavaScript?

What Is the Single Best Way to Learn JavaScript? Learn this language 10 times faster by following 3 simple rules.

Learning JavaScript is a must if you ever want to become a web developer. Still, with the wrong learning approach, this language can quickly become an insurmountable obstacle.

It’s easy to get lost in all the resources you can find online, from tutorials to simple advice like this on how to speak JS in your code.

But is there a solution to all this noise? My answer is: yes!

You just need a very defined plan of action. And today I’ve written that for you.

  • First, Start with Why Why working toward a goal in the first place if you don’t even know why you’re doing it? How will you define your success if you don’t have a destination in all of this?

  • Find Yourself One Cool Resource and Stick with It I recently realized how much I’ve constantly been bombarded with new resources to learn to code. Every day a new author will publish something, a new course or book will pop up.

  • Build a Ton of Projects. Now that you have found a single source of information, you should complement your learning by building projects by yourself, a lot of them.

  • Practice Every Day I didn’t believe in this advice given by all top performers out there, from orchestra master to athletes. Probably it was because I knew I’m not a very constant person, and I didn’t want to face that reality.


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