Learn SQL: Dynamic SQL

Learn SQL: Dynamic SQL

Learn SQL: Dynamic SQL. What is Dynamic SQL? This article will describe a programming technique, Dynamic SQL that you can use to build SQL statements as textual strings and execute them later.

Dynamic SQL is a programming technique you can use to build SQL statements as textual strings and execute them later. This technique could prove to be useful in some cases and therefore it’s good to know we have it as an option. In today’s article, we’ll show how to create and execute dynamic SQL statements.

Data Model and a Brief Introduction

The data model we’ll use in this article is the same one we’re using throughout this series. Nothing changed since the last article, so we won’t lose time explaining it.

the data model

In the previous article, Learn SQL: SQL Injection, we’ve talked about SQL injection and showed a few examples of how dynamic SQL can be used, but still, we missed explaining what this technique is. In this article, we’ll fix that.

sql commands t-sql dynamic sql sql

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