Student Emotions and Relational Databases

Student Emotions and Relational Databases

In this tutorial, we'll learn Student Emotions and Relational Databases. For our final project, we worked on a web application for the Boys and Girls Club of Conejo Valley, California. The Boys and Girls Club is…

For our final project, we worked on a web application for the Boys and Girls Club of Conejo Valley, California. The Boys and Girls Club is a non-profit organization that has impacted the lives of children and families across the US. The Conejo Valley Boys and Girls Club(B&G Club) is a string of 9 clubs throughout Conejo Valley whose membership includes 4,000 children(members), 500 volunteers, and over 100 full-time employees. The problem we were tasked to solve is adding an “Emotion Tracker” feature in their existing application. This feature’s primary goal was to give the student’s agency, allowing them to express their sentiment as they enter, leave and finish a program at the Boys and Girls Club. This emotional data would also allow administrators to make better informed decisions about student well being and the efficacy of the programs at each club. To solve this problem, and give the B&G Club the emotional data capture and management tools to better serve their members, my team began planning how to implement this important feature.

This product feature is composed of two parts. The front end user experience that would allow staff members to choose the current program where the students can line up in a queue, scan their QR codes to sign in and choose an emoji that best represents their sentiment at the time. On the click of the “submit” button, this emotion data along with a student, program, and club id would be sent to our backend system to organize the data. The organizers of the data must keep in mind the analytics the B&G Club will be performing on this data to better serve their students.

When we started this project, I was a bit concerned about the best way to keep track of this emotional data. I chose to work on the backend team. At the beginning of this project, I didn’t have a clear vision of the best way to model the data. This issue would soon become far more complicated after conversations with my team and our stakeholders, but we would rise to the occasion.

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