Selenium Online Training- Selenium Course with live Project| OnlineITGuru

Selenium Online Training- Selenium Course with live Project| OnlineITGuru

Software company need expert with selenium certification. Learn best Java concepts in selenium training and become a testing engineer.

When we consider Software Testing, Manual Testing has always been the only choice. Check out some of the widely used Benefits of Automation Testing to take full mileage of options. Manual Testing was critical with huge labor and cost-intensive. Automation testing provides a reliable testing method for big Software Development Companies. Automation Testing tools improve the testing process by lending a consistent hand. It improves in verifying huge databases, web services, and UI according to the application requirements for more selenium online training. This is image title

Scope of Automation Software Testers and Developers were now on the lookout for a testing method. The testing method that could provide the same throughput as Manual Testing, but with minimal labor and cost. In addition to this, they also wanted to reduce the repetitive tasks of Manual Testing.

The scope of automation is huge in the market. This was the time when Automation Testing works towards the technical world. It had 2 primary goals, to be a reliable Software Testing Methodand meet the requirements in less time, cost, and labor. So how exactly is Automation Testing successful in saving and money???

Benefits of Automation Testing Reduces Repetitive Tasks Increases Coverage Test Automation helps in Performance Testing Automation Testing equals Reusability

Advantages of Automation Testing Reduces Repetitive Tasks – Primary Benefit of Automation Testing When tested manually, Software Tests repeats several times to ensure quality. Every time the application undergoes change, manual testing must repeat and this goes on till the application release. Repeated the testing process not only costs resources but consumes a lot of time and money. In the case of Automation Testing, the automated code executes as many times as possible with the least cost. With Agile Development practices, testing takes place from the beginning of the process. As the development commences, testing of the application happens simultaneously. Every time a new feature adds an automated code to run and the application is being tested all over again. Automation Testing sure does cut the monotonous work. It helps selenium training in avoiding huge losses due to delay in delivery.

Increases Coverage Comprehensive Testing, specially Regression Testing requires a wide test coverage. A wide coverage helps to check the application on every platform and device. Regression is to verify that the application still works the same with newly added features. It ensures that the old features are not affected by the implementation of new features. But due to time constraints, some new features left unchecked. This may cause future dysfunction of the application. Automation works with some of the Non-Functional Testing Toolswith perfection. But, Test Automation allows the tester to run the automated code several times. It runs without the fear of avoiding any functionality. Needless to say, Automation Testing is faster and accurate in fill-in in the input data. Human Resources often commit mistakes and rush in during mundane and repetitive activities. Therefore Automation Testing tools ease the complex application testing. It as well helps maximize test coverage.

Test Automation helps in Performance Testing Manual Testers can conduct Performance Testing. But they conduct in a controlled environment and considered impossible. Therefore leveraging on the Automation Testing tools. Testers create virtual users to exercise the application.

Automation Testing certifies that the application performs as designed and developed. It generally performs by identifying the pain points of the application. In addition to this, Test Automation makes Load Testing hassle-free.

In a regular Manual Testing of the application, Performance Testing isn’t a part of the test plan. Performance is not part of the plan due to the rising costs of Performance Testing testers. Automation Testing solves this problem too. It solves by minimizing the task and thus saves time and money.

Automation Testing equals Reusability

Over a period of automating codes for different tasks, automated testing tools creates a library of reusable scripts. These valuable scripts reduce tedious tasks. It reduces the effort of creating new scripts for each version of the application or Operating system.

Automation Regression Testing ensures the application checked into an external and internal database. The thorough check into file systems too.

Creating new scripts for every feature drains resources and at the most investment to hire exclusive testers. Automation Testing reduces the routine tasks. It strategically detects the bug in no time.

Conclusion In conclusion, Automation Testing turns the QA Process to the QA Automation process. The benefits of automation testing are available in a wide range.

It helps keeps the excitement of working on something every time a tester picks up a testing task. It also offers a learning curve and removes drudgery for every tester.

What we mean to say this, Automation Testing makes testing much more enjoyable. It allows Automation Testers to use their precious time in much more productive aspects of enhancing the application here selenium online training India.

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