Top 10 Applications of Robotics in 2020

Top 10 Applications of Robotics in 2020

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Imagine the next time you go to a restaurant, your chef is a robot! Or maybe your doctor is a robot when you have an operation! It’s even possible that the next time you go to Japan, your customer service agent is also a robot! While this is an exaggeration and robots are not becoming chefs and doctors, they are becoming widely used in these industries for food preparation, healthcare, etc. In fact, robots have a wide range of applications in almost all industries these days because of their precision and convenience.

There are many jobs in industries like manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, etc. which require boring monotonous work that also requires a lot of precision. In such situations, robots are better suited than humans because they are precise, intelligent, and don’t get bored like humans! There are also tasks like space and underwater exploration that are very dangerous and unsafe for humans. Here also, robots are the best fit because they never get tired and there is no chance of a robot getting killed! Because of these advantages, there are many applications of robots in almost all the industries you can imagine. But let’s see the top applications in these 10 industries now.

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AI and automation are already transforming the world for better. From robotics in public security to healthcare robots and robots in education — this technology is changing society at large.

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Up to now, any robots brushing with the law were always running strictly according to their code. Fatal accidents and serious injuries usually only happened through human misadventure or improper use of safety systems and barriers. We’ve yet to truly test how our laws will cope with the arrival of more sophisticated automation technology — but that day isn’t very far away.

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Robot Operating System or more commonly referred to as ROS is an open-source, meta-operating system for your robot. A ROS system works on the concept of publisher and subscriber, a typical ROS system has many independent nodes which either gather information from other nodes or publish the information received by the external sources