Cannot read property 'curve' of undefined, while running hyperledger fabric project

Cannot read property 'curve' of undefined, while running hyperledger fabric project


Cannot read property 'curve' of undefined
    at Object.KEYUTIL.getKey (/home/quolam-002/Documents/Hyperledger_Fabric proejct/fabric-samples/vytalconnect2/node_modules/fabric-client/node_modules/jsrsasign/lib/jsrsasign.js:247:10379)
    at CryptoSuite_ECDSA_AES.getKey (/home/quolam-002/Documents/Hyperledger_Fabric proejct/fabric-samples/vytalconnect2/node_modules/fabric-client/lib/impl/CryptoSuite_ECDSA_AES.js:206:27)

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