Cybercriminals today

Cybercriminals today

Today we will talk about how the world of cyber-attacks has changed due to cyber-criminals, focusing on those who are now “in”.

Today we will talk about how the world of cyber-attacks has changed due to cyber-criminals, focusing on those who are now “in”.

It’s good to remember the differences between hackers and cyber-criminals. Hackers are people who know a lot about a technology and try to go beyond its limits, generally helping to improve this technology. Cyber-criminals are professionals who seek to breach a company’s IT defences. What they are looking for is to achieve their objective, to make money through cyber-crime.

It is also important to remember that, traditional computer attacks (new viruses, wrong configurations or unpatched systems) continue to be an easiest way to gain unauthorized access, but cyber-criminals know that if there is a good level of awareness of computer security and a strong foundation in place (strong passwords, MFA, NAC, etc.), their chances of success will drop dramatically.

Therefore, cyber-criminals will take advantage of any cutting-edge technology that could help them, they are usually very up to date and, in some attacks that we will discuss below, they no longer need these credentials to carry out their operations.

The presentation, entitled How Bad Guys Hack Good (Financial) People with State of Art Technology, reviews several real cases of the new cyber-attacks being perpetrated by many cyber-criminals against companies.

We may think that these attacks only catch small companies off guard, but nothing could be further from the truth, as we have seen on Twitter, Mapfre, Marriot and others, have been attacked recently.

Let’s start with Twitter. Some minors are being investigated for gaining access to social network management platforms by tricking a company employee.

Once they had access to these platforms, hackers managed to impersonate dozens of Twitter accounts of US celebrities, including former US president Barack Obama, publishing a fraud with crypto-currencies that defrauded more than 100,000 dollars.

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