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Why am I able to choose digital academy 360 to learn digital marketing

Why am I able to choose digital academy 360 to learn digital marketing?

Digital Academy 360 is an advanced digital marketing training institute in Chennai. We opened the doorways in 2015 and were ever developing due to the fact that. Today, we have a professional team of a hundred, with our first actual worker nevertheless on board! And, have educated over 20,000  students. Our institute's venture is to provide excellent and industry-general-primarily based training at a less costly value. 

Allow to inform why you join Digital Academy 360, to study a digital marketing course in Chennai

Great trainers

Advanced Courses

Career & placement help

High-quality reviews

Now I’ll provide an explanation for the above points to make it even extra clean for you. 


Industry Trainers

We're a crew of digital marketing professionals with over 10+ years of operating experience in industry-based totally stay initiatives. Our trainers have upskilled students, commercial enterprise proprietors, and working specialists. 


Special professionals leading in that field teach each module and enlighten you with their competencies and information. Now not handiest will they assist you in clearing doubts, however additionally come up with insights on 

How you can become a professional in digital marketing, and 

The way to write proposals is if you get a piece offer. 

Advanced Courses

I’m certain you are satisfied with our trainers. Now let me help you with the courses we provide. Because of the advanced digital marketing training institute, we are recognized for providing 80% realistic education and 20% theoretical training. 

Skill diploma in digital marketing & analytics (5 months), with 100+ modules

PCP in digital marketing (2.5 months), with 40+ modules

We have added those packages after consulting one hundred+ digital marketing experts after which designed them in step with the industry requirements. Our students will examine digital marketing from primary to developing tiers and the fundamentals of the remaining topics might be included, relevant to the digital marketing industry. 


Additionally, we:

Offer 10+ certifications

Give you 24/7 LMS get admission to

Have bendy timings, and 

An alternative of online/offline training


Profession & placement support

Because of the top digital marketing institute, we observe the coverage of one hundred% placement or prices return. Also, we offer professional assistance to all our college students. We help you identify your strengths and manual you in the direction of choosing the proper specializations. 

Our devoted placement officer gives:

One-on-one counselling

Recommendations on suitable roles

Updates on interview schedules

Feedback in your overall performance 


Other than career steerage, we also help you with:

Portfolio building

Resume building

Soft competencies schooling

Personality development, &

Cracking interviews

We've got positioned our students in pinnacle MNCs:





ITC Limited


Fine critiques

Rated 4.7/5, we have fine opinions on all structures. From being referred to as the satisfactory digital marketing institute to providing quality courses, we have pleasing reviews everywhere so you can take the subsequent step with us! 

Most of our testimonials include these advantageous phrases:



Fine value

For this reason, we sincerely have excellent evaluations in comparison to other institutes. Don’t trust it? 



With these factors, I’m certain you may tell that we're the best digital marketing training institute. We assure you to kick begin your profession in this subject and reach more heights. With our top-notch digital marketing module and fine trainers, we assist you to become a digital marketing professional. So, sign up and decorate your talents properly with our digital marketing courses in Chennai.

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Why am I able to choose digital academy 360 to learn digital marketing
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yogesh sashi


Why Choose Digital Academy 360 to Learn Digital Marketing

Why Choose Digital Academy 360 to Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing training has become the most acquired skill in Bangalore in the last few years. More than 60% of college graduates have a good understanding of how social media and digital marketing work. This interest is fueled by today’s growing demands to fill the void of good digital marketers. The youth of Bangalore has realized the worth of digital marketing courses in Bangalore and are beginning to fashion newer and cooler professions for themselves. It has been established that upskilling yourself with the fundamentals of digital marketing can go a long way towards a fruitful career. 

Since we are addressing Bangalore, you would benefit from learning about the best option for digital marketing training institute. Digital Academy 360 is by far the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. There are many reasons why and we will get to them.

Digital Academy 360 began operations in 2015 with the sole mission to get as many folks trained and upskilled as possible. The focus for them was to make sure that every individual was well-equipped with the commercial and behind-the-scenes aspects of digital marketing. Learning how digital marketing can empower your business can be quite an eye-opener. There are still many businesses that do not understand the importance of marketing their products or services online. With Digital 360, the initiative has been taken and today they have transformed more than 30,000 careers. 

The reason why so many students and learners flock to Digital Academy 360 is that it is the only place that offers:

  1. Online & Offline Classes: Today, especially after the pandemic, every learning institution is focused on online learning, to rope in larger crowds. Digital Academy 360, in fact, is a hub for live classroom sessions to incorporate peer-to-peer learning effectively.
  2. Paid Internship Opportunities: Nowhere else can anybody find a training institute that gets their students paid internships throughout the entire duration of the course. Students can get real-world exposure to corporate culture while also deep-diving into the world of digital marketing.
  3. Job Assurance: Digital Academy 360 has a clear end goal for every candidate who enrolls in any program - to get them gainfully employed. Since they are tied up with more than 1000 hiring partners, which include some big names such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, TCS, and the like, job assurance is more or less a given.
  4. Fee Refund: On the off chance that a candidate is unable to get placed even after their best attempts, then Digital Academy 360 offers a full refund of the course fee. That is a real commitment to the cause!

If you are still unconvinced with the prowess of Digital Academy 360’s operations, you will need to shop around to find a better place. The Digital Academy 360 alumni would answer all your questions on what to expect from a digital marketing course in Bangalore. Digital Academy 360 has 5 learning centers across Bangalore in Jayanagar, HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Hebbal, and Malleswaram. To schedule a class or to join a course, just visit their website. Your future is in your hands, make the right call for your future today.

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Is it worth learning digital marketing in 2022?

Is it worth learning Digital Marketing in 2022?

The program is very much useful for students and professionals who want to have a deeper grasp of digital marketing courses in Bangalore in order to advance their careers.

Yes, enrolling in a digital marketing school is an excellent investment in your future. You will be qualified to apply for various career opportunities in the digital marketing area once you have completed your digital marketing degree. As if it were a job.

Here are some advantages of taking a Digital Marketing course:

A wide number of career options will be available to you:

You are not limited to a specific employment role in digital marketing. New web work for various firms and enterprises is exhibited on a regular basis. This has the added benefit of allowing for different sorts of work and workstations to be built. This choice, however, must be taken after careful consideration of task duties.

It might help you get a fresher-level job:

Obtaining a digital marketing certification is one way to demonstrate to your future employer that you have the digital marketing skills required for the position if you are a novice with no experience.

It's more productive than wasting time on Google:

A well-structured digital marketing course will teach you what you need to know without wasting time reading hundreds of unrelated blog entries, each with its own digital marketing strategy.

You will be paid well.

In comparison to other professional roles, the digital marketing field pays more. In this sector, there is a lot of room for advancement and development. Some well-known digital marketers make 2–3 lakhs every month. It offers good employment growth and a competitive wage. 

Increases the Flexibility:

The digital marketing course will prepare you to work in a variety of industries. A student of digital marketing might work in a variety of industries. It is also used in several parts of the industry. 

Among the segments are:

Marketing agency

Hospitality industry

Manufacturing industry

IT industry and many more.

100% Job assistance:

Because there are more digital marketing positions available on the market. Students enrolled in the digital marketing course will have access to comprehensive placement services. Students can begin working immediately after completing the course.

Students can obtain these employment responsibilities in companies after completing the digital marketing course. Because digital marketing is a rising field in the business, it offers students more prospects for advancement. After getting skills in online marketing, students can begin earning money online and work for top digital marketing organizations and companies.

There are options for both online and offline study:

A digital marketing course can be taken both online and in a classroom setting. Some of the better training institutes offer students online courses with live professors who go over each topic thoroughly. 

If you are looking for the advanced digital marketing course in Bangalore, then Digital Academy 360 is the digital marketing training institute in Bangalore and right place to go. All of the trainers at Digital Academy 360 have extensive experience in their respective fields. 


You'll receive live session recordings that you can download and utilize at a later time. There will also be pre-recorded videos available. As a result, the value of your education will increase. They also provide full placement assistance.

If the information presented above piques your interest and you'd want to learn more about this course, go to their website and take a look around, or join up for a live demo session.

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yogesh sashi


What Are The Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing Online

What Are the Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing Online?

The scope of digital marketing is so impactful today that enterprise recruiters specifically look for digitally equipped and upskilled candidates when hiring season begins. Virtually every business today requires a digital presence to compete in the marketplace, the demand for digital marketers has skyrocketed. Data is the new fuel that drives business growth and only someone with a thorough understanding of digital marketing can deliver consistent results. Online sales are completely dependent on digital marketing and social media advertising. Hence, the benefits of completing a digital marketing course in Coimbatore are beyond beneficial.

In this blog, we explore the benefits of learning digital marketing online. The fast-growing trend of online training is soon becoming the norm. We take a look at why.

Hassle-Free Training

Learning online has the distinct advantage of flexibility. Sitting in the comfort of your own at an hour that you deem fit is hard to match. Moreover, the hassle of commuting to and from a training center can be too much. Additionally, given how the COVID-19 pandemic has only begun to slow down, not many are comfortable coming in contact with large crowds yet. 

Easy On The Pocket

Since live classes are being made available even in college education, digital marketing centers have no qualms in offering live classes online. Out of many pros, easily the best one is that online coaching costs less. Should you prefer online digital marketing courses in Coimbatore, you can easily save a sizable chunk of your well-earned money.

Varied Peer Group

When you train online, the chances of having a broader demographic in your class sessions are highly likely. Not only does it provide you the opportunity to learn with peers from different backgrounds, but also gives you a more fulfilling experience altogether.

Convenience All-Around

There are simply no two ways about it. When you get to decide your own timetable, productivity increases and imbibed learning takes place. With online learning, you always have the option to tune into recorded sessions in case you miss a call. Also, it is always helpful to revisit and rewatch older sessions to rehearse and revise what you have learned. Avoiding sensory overload is necessary for absorbing information the right way.

Digital Academy 360 is a Digital Marketing training institute in Coimbatore that has captured the market in a very short span of time. With a hybrid approach for learning by offering both online and offline classes, it has become a crowd favorite. While some learners do prefer live classes for better understanding, there are thousands of students who prefer online classes. The courses that they offer range from digital marketing and content writing to UI/UX designing and full-stack development. With guaranteed job assurances and partnerships with global hiring partners, it is definitely one of the best learning academies in Coimbatore. They have further the careers of at least 30,000 young minds and the number is only bound to get bigger. It is safe to say that Digital Academy 360 is the perfect place to learn more than just digital marketing today
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What Are the Training Modules Offered at Digital Academy 360

What Are the Training Modules Offered at Digital Academy 360?

Digital Academy 360 is India’s top digital marketing training institute in Chennai. With a focus on being result-driven and fueling young ambitions, we have created a learning system that upskills students for their careers. India's youth today has good education but lacks direction. This is why, even college graduates find it difficult to land a job that they feel qualified at. Moreover, there is a case to be made for job satisfaction and job understanding. Let us explore how Digital Academy 360 can come to the rescue.

Chennai, being the IT hub in India, is home to millions of IT professionals and thousands of startups. The rate of job growth here is exceptionally high, owing to the demand for manpower once a company gets going. Every startup or new brand has a core group of individuals that ensure the smooth functioning of a business. They are mainly the marketing department, design department, and tech developers. To address this growing demand for young professionals, Digital Academy 360 began offering Post Graduate Programs and Skill Diploma Programs in Digital Marketing, UI/UX, Full Stack Development, and Content Writing.

The courses offered are:

  • Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence
  • Post Graduate Program in UI/UX & Design Thinking
  • Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Development
  • Skill Diploma Program in Digital Marketing & Programmable Ads
  • Skill Diploma Program in UI/UX & Design Thinking
  • Skill Diploma Program in Content & Ad Copy Writing

Keeping an eye on developments in human resources and talent professionals, it is important to fuel today’s youth by offering digital marketing courses in Chennai. The PGP in Digital Marketing with AI is the most extensive course that we have for someone who wants to become a social media expert. In just 8 months, you can learn how marketing and branding work to create a successful brand vision. Another popular course is the UI/UX & Design Thinking program which sets you to become a graphic designer and UI/UX developer, among other things. And of course, full-stack web development is a core skill that attracts a sizeable number of candidates. 

At Digital Academy 360, there is a healthy mix of technical learning and practical experience. Students are exposed to real companies and can take up paid internships there to gain valuable experience even before they are employed. We have 1000+ hiring partners where candidates can apply for good positions and land their dream jobs. That is the bottom line for us really, to enable gainful employment for young professionals all over the world. Joining a digital marketing course in Chennai today can change your life completely. That is why so many students are vying for a spot at our digital marketing institute to gain access to guest lectures, industry expert talks, our extensive course curriculum, and our job placement guarantee. 

Apply today at Digital Academy 360 to exponentially improve your chances of getting placed in your dream company. That is what we facilitate through live class training in 10 cities across India. Make the right call for your career today.

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How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert with Digital Academy 360

How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert with Digital Academy 360


Have you pondered why digital marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years? With an ecosystem of smartphones and computers, businesses have moved online. This has opened up opportunities for digital marketers to ply their trade even more. Today, digital marketing is the backbone of any brand, giving it a bigger reach, wider audience, and an effective platform to create a viable and profitable business. Pursuing a digital marketing course in Bangalore with Digital Academy 360 is one way to become an expert. 


To start your journey in the digital marketing space, follow these steps given below:


Following Brand Leaders


Social media is the best place to start to learn more about digital marketing. It is the main marketing channel available to digital marketers. The first step is to follow as many marketing experts as you can. A quick search will show you the best in the business. Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat, and Mark Zuckerberg are some names that come to mind.


Finding Useful Tutorials


The internet has a plethora of free learning resources on every topic imaginable. YouTube tutorials are the best way to start gaining practical advice but it would benefit you to take a look at free marketing courses to make learning easier. 


If you have the time, you can investigate digital marketing courses in Bangalore. It is an IT hub with tons of startups and has a huge market for digital marketing.


Being Your Own Teacher


Learning about the industry is essential to running a business using the digital marketing space. People pride themselves on being thought leaders, so they constantly release white papers, eBooks, and presentations that are packed with lots of information. Digital Academy 360 is a top learning center that offers varied courses which are enough to make you a digital marketing expert.


Staying Updated


Another surefire way to become an expert is to stay updated and keep track of industry developments. Shifting social media algorithms, releasing futuristic new technology, innovative digital marketing techniques, etc. are all integrated into huge webs of possibilities. 

Of course, it takes time but you can actually build a huge network of sources that will help you stay ahead of the avalanche of information that will head your way on a daily basis. Brands hype up new developments and releases all the time. Being in the know about all the latest developments is essential to becoming an expert in digital marketing. The thing is that digital marketing is fast, exciting, and scary, which makes it one of the most exciting things you can do.


Digital Academy 360 the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore which has over 10 centers across South India is the best place for you to start your digital marketing journey. To become a digital marketing expert, enroll today in their Post Graduate Programs and upskill yourself. The ball is in your court, take the first step now.


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