How does gulp-typescript incremental compilation work?

How does gulp-typescript incremental compilation work?

gulp-typescript's README says it&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">supports incremental compilation</a>&nbsp;but doesn't explain what is meant by that term in this context.

gulp-typescript's README says it supports incremental compilation but doesn't explain what is meant by that term in this context.

There's an issue discussing how gulp-typescript incremental compilation is slower than tsc, but it doesn't explain why, or what the difference is.

What is gulp-typescript doing when it does "incremental compilation"?

What I tried

I'm looking at gulp-typescript's source code and it looks like gulp-typescript isn't doing any incremental compilation at all. When a Project is created, it closes over an instance of ProjectInfo, which has an input member which is a FileCache. A FileCache is pretty much a mapping from file names to source strings. There isn't much other state that is maintained in a gulp-typescript Project.

In order to do actual incremental compilation (reusing products of the compilation process in subsequent builds) using the TS compiler API, I would expect to see one of the following:

But I don't see either of those in the source.


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