Sentiment Analysis, Model Learning

Sentiment Analysis, Model Learning

Sentiment Analysis, Model Learning. If you ever thought that machine learning is hard, check this article.

Sentiment Analysis is used to predict moody attitude of the text. Today we will talk about building neural network architectures and finding the best one in our purpose. As you probably know, there are several classes of artificial neural networks, for example the RNN and the CNN. Here we will focus on the recurrent neural network, which work the best for the text operations. I assume that you probably know, how to speed up the learning process. To do this scenario we are using a GPU computing. Unfortunately in my PC I don’t have such powerful GPU, only the 1660 Ti. It’s okay, but it has some limitation, that’s why I decided to use the colab service. For this purpose I want to train our model on the whole data. Sadly the ordinary colab have the limitation to use it for maximum 12h in a row. Taking it into account, I decided to invest in the colab pro. At least it cost only $9.99/month.

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