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Discover a comprehensive real estate marketplace by utilizing the Zillow clone script

The Zillow clone is a well-organized platform where buying, selling, and renting property can be done by customers quickly. The Zillow clone script contains features like an advanced search and filter option for the users to find out both residential and commercial properties, a map-drawing facility for better visualization, a live chat option with knowledgeable real estate agents, an integrated referral program, and the instant issue of notifications sent through SMS or email.

Key Features Of Zillow Clone

  1. Never Ending Listings
  2. Location Based Search
  3. Multiple languages
  4. High Compatibility
  5. Image Gallery
  6. Virtual Tours

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Discover a comprehensive real estate marketplace by utilizing the Zillow clone script

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Build the Zillow clone app to expand your digital presence in the real estate sector

The real estate sector is luring thousands of new customers with each passing day. With a comprehensive online app like Zillow, the numbers will increase to several-fold. Entrepreneurs can make the best of the rising demand by investing in the Zillow clone app @

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Carry out all your real estate business process with the help of the Zillow clone app

Real estate, the ever-booming field of business, does need an ever booming app. Indulge in real estate clone app business at Appdupe. We offer services for Zillow clone app development, which is the notable one in the market. Contact us to get your booming Zillow clone app developed @

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Zillow Clone: Build A Real Estate App Like Zillow

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The real estate industry is never down as people show interest in buying property. With the ongoing industry competition, standing apart from it is necessary nowadays. In this digital world, most people prefer to search for a property via websites as it saves lots of times. Also, they have a wide variety of search options. This indicates that this industry is growing swiftly with time and taking the digital presence. Moreover, promoting your service through traditional advertisements is not as effective as the modern way.

Zillow – A best American real estate app

A real estate app like Zillow is one good example that is widely used by many in the United States. It has nearly 160 million monthly active users with a revenue of $3.3 billion. Its popularity is at the peak among sellers, buyers, and industry professionals. The position of Zillow in the real estate industry is the same as the position of Uber in the ride-hailing industry.

Are you planning to enlarge your real estate company and stand apart from the competition? But, if you don’t know how to develop a real estate website or app like Zillow, this article will explain it for you.

Step-by-step instructions to develop a real estate app like Zillow

Validate the idea of developing a real estate app

For the past decades, selling and buying a house has been done without any websites or apps. Then, what is the necessity of having an app nowadays? There is proof that the people were looking for their own homes instead of rents. With a real estate app like Zillow, it made the process simpler. Yes, it is easier for people to browse for property from their smartphones.

Using the app, people can do searches using the Geolocation feature. This helps them to find a nearby available property with ease. Moreover, they do not have to wait for a long time to get details on any property. They can get it instantly.

From your perspective, you do not have any third parties to promote your service. You can directly connect to your clients via the app. Therefore, there will be no spam and as a result, it would help gain more clients to your business. With your app, you can get clear insights into your clients’ preferences. Also, this helps to stay updated with the latest trends.

Choose the type of app to develop

Before you hire a professional app developer or approach a mobile app development company, you have to ensure which type of app you need to develop. There are two popular apps, namely Agency app and the Third-party model.

The Agency app will belong to the specific real estate agencies and they list all the houses. Then, the agency will only have a track of the business improvement. Despite this, they can know how many clients are engaging with the agency and their demands. In general, it is a tool for business management and improvement.

On the flip side, the Third-Party model works as the mediator between the buyers and the agents. Its working model is different from the agency app. Users sign up with the app as buyers, sellers, or agents. The agents update their listings and expand their network. Whereas, users can connect with the agents and browse their listings in search of houses. In short, this platform paves an easy way for communication between the sellers/buyers and freelancer agents.

Decide which features to include in your real estate app

The success of Zillow is not only by the fact that it is a pioneer in the industry. Also, the functionality and UX plays a vital role. A list of the important features of the real estate app is given below.

  • Databases
  • Onboarding/Signup
  • Search & filter
  • Map
  • Apartment details
  • Push notification
    The features will make the app and so you have to be careful in picking suitable features for your app. When it comes to the UI/UX, it must be appealing as this keeps the users engaged in your real estate app. Some of the tips to consider are as follows.
  • Use clear images and videos
  • Use heatmaps
  • Easy navigation pattern
  • Easy to understand menus

Decide on the proper technology stack

Upon considering the features and functionalities, you have to decide which technology stack to use for developing the Zillow clone app. For example, it is necessary to go with a multi-platform approach for a real estate app. This requires Java and Swift in creating the app for Android and iOS, respectively.

Monetization strategies to consider

It’s obvious that developing a real estate app requires a considerable investment. So, you should know how you are going to earn money back from the app. Two popular monetization strategies are as follows.

Advertisement-based revenue model

This revenue model has been around for a long time. This is one of the most effective ways to generate revenue. But, you have to make sure that the ads displayed in the Zillow clone app are relevant to real estates like bank loans, home renovation, or mortgages. Whenever the users click the ads, you will get a small revenue.

Fee-based revenue model

You can charge a fee to the users when they want to list their property. Also, you can collect a fee from the agency that wants to boost their profile in your app.

Final note

I hope so, this article is informative and valuable for you. Zillow like app development isn’t that difficult. Zillow clone script is a readily available real estate clone app solution that empowers you to launch your app in no time. Once you have clear information about everything mentioned in this article, you can connect with qualified freelancers or an app development company.

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Bella Garvin


Real Estate App Development I Real Estate Software Development USA

Orbit Edge is a top real-estate app development company that provides top-quality real estate software and app development solutions that facilitates the realtors, builder and other property brokers. Time-saving and cost-saving real estate software solutions help enterprises to sustain themselves in the real estate market.

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Bella Garvin


How to Create a Real Estate App like Zillow?

Whenever you will make a plan to buy or rent a house then at that time, will you go for a real estate agent or a real estate application? Of course, you will not give some extra amount of money to agents. The concept behind real estate app development is to provide ease of the searching properties. In the past, to buy or rent a property, people used to go for property agents, newspapers, magazines, advertisements and more.

After watching the marvelous success of real estate apps like Zillow in the market, People are busy in real estate app development and looking to invest in creating apps like Zillow. So, if you are thinking of creating a real estate app like Zillow then I am here with this amazing article where I will explain how to create a real estate app like Zillow.

Step by Step Guide to Create A Real Estate App

Substantiate Your Real Estate App Idea

We know that technology is changing at a fast pace and surely it is affecting the real estate industry also. But, when we think about this idea to create a real estate app then it may be a bit ridiculous, just because, most of the people do not use apps frequently to buy or sell a house. But, if you are a visionary leader then from future prospects, real estate app development idea is really a profitable business.

Better for Mobility

Youngsters are frequently using smartphones and the internet on a daily basis. It is easy for them to use a mobile app to avail any service online. A mobile app makes it possible to browse various properties at a time and they can get the number and location details immediately.

Location Centric

Behind the success of Zillow app, there is a most attractive feature that makes it easy to use is the geo-location feature. Wherever you go for real estate mobile app development services, you should ensure that your app contains geo-location features that makes it easy to track the location.

Type of App

When it comes to developing an app then there are two types of real estate apps first is agency apps and second is a third party model. Agency app is an app belonging to a specific real estate agency and a third party app works as a mediator between buyer and sellers.

Plan a Futuristic Key Features

Just like manners make a man perfect, same as key features makes an app perfect for the users. Here are some of the features that should be present in your app.

  • Login/Signup
  • View/edit profile
  • Filter and search
  • Mapview
  • Property details
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Image gallery
  • Social sharing and so on.

UI/UX Design of the Application

To gain more users on your real estate app, it is important to make it more attractive and easy to use. For this, the UI/UX of your application should be very good in terms of design, fonts, content, images and more. Application should give the best user-experience to retain them on your app. You should use clear images and videos, easy to understand menus, easy navigation patterns, and more.

Use the Best Tech Stack

Your app should support all the platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Apart from this, for social sharing, you should integrate a feature like social media app integration. Push notifications, customization are some of the tech stacks that can make an app more attractive.

Monetize Your App

Whenever we start a business, it is important to understand what kind of sources can help make money from this business. There are a lot of ways to monetize your real estate app like Zillow.

  • Advertisements
  • Various fees
  • Premium subscriptions

Final Words

A mobile app for the real estate industry can be a good idea to get success in near future. There are thousands of applications and types available in the market such as Realtor and realty App, MLS listing app, land for sale app, apartment for rent app, house searching app and so on. So, If you have an idea to create a real estate app like Zillow using Android app development or iOS development services then Orbit Edge could be the best development partner for this project. Orbit Edge delivers best in class real estate app development services with extraordinary features. Orbit team not only develops a robust app but also helps to promote your application in the market.

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