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How To Prepare For A Design Sprint!

How can you prepare for a successful Design Sprint? What are the 3 essential things to arrange ahead of running a Sprint? In this video, Brittni shares 3 extracts from our very own Design Sprint Masterclass, to help you prepare for running successful Design Sprints of your own!

Featuring Jonathan Courtney, CEO of AJ&Smart and Dee, Head of Design Sprint Training in the Masterclass videos!

Featured, are our Design Sprint Masterclass videos on how to:

(01:05) Prepare before the start of a Design Sprint:

(07:58) The problems a Design Sprint can solve:

(10:37) Who to include in your team:

Check out our Design Sprint Masterclass here:

What questions do you have around the Design Sprint? What tips can you offer on preparation? Share your Design Sprint nuggets in the comments below!

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Design Sprints - 3 Things You NEED To Prepare!


How To Prepare For A Design Sprint!