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Curso completo para aprender Flexbox en CSS. En esta guía vas a ver el funcionamiento de cada una de las propiedades de Flexbox y bajo qué escenarios puedes usarlas. Pon a prueba tus habilidades haciendo los ejercicios para ordenar nuestros elementos con este layout.

Secciones del curso

  • 00:00 Layout básico de Flexbox
  • 05:26 Flex-direction: dirección de elementos
  • 08:17 Flex-wrap: desborde de elementos
  • 11:02 Flex-flow: método alterno a direction y wrap
  • 11:22 Justify-content: alinear elementos horizontalmente
  • 14:30 Align-items: alinear elementos verticalmente
  • 17:49 Align-content: alinear elementos verticalmente desbordados
  • 20:40 gap: espacio entre elementos
  • 22:15 order: posición de elementos
  • 24:52 Flex-grow: proporción de crecimiento
  • 29:25 Flex-shrink: proporción para encogerse
  • 31:47 Flex-basis: tamaño inicial de elementos
  • 26:24 Flex: método abreviado para grow, shrink y basis

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CSS Flexbox: What I learned from Flexbox Zombies

I started playing an educational game called Flexbox Zombies, which has been teaching me the fundamentals of flexbox in a fun way. In the game, you fight zombies by using features of flexbox to aim your crossbow at the zombies.

MDN docs explain flexbox as:

a one-dimensional layout method for laying out items in rows or columns. Items flex to fill additional space and shrink to fit into smaller spaces.

The Flexbox Zombies game teaches flexbox through a story, with each lesson building on the previous, thus reinforcing the fundamentals of flexbox in a fun and effective way.

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CSS Flex Box: A Flexible Way To Layout

Every element of HTML is a rectangular box. Every Box has a defined height and width. This way you can increase or decrease its size. CSS is used to style HTML elements so that they look nice and decorated. CSS treats every element in the view of its box model. So every element has padding, margin, and border too.

You can learn more about CSS BOX Model here.

Box layout means to position a box on the page. So you may like to center an element horizontally or vertically or you may want to move the element to any other position on the page. Laying out your page is the most important task which determines the overall look of the page.

CSS has got many ways to align a box. You could choose floats, position property or you could try aligning it using margin and padding. But it’s not always so easy to align an element as you wish to. Developers have always been having difficulties to center an element horizontally or vertically. If you try using floats, you will see that it requires more work and gives you extra lines of code to position the element. So what’s the way out?

Here comes the modern CSS Flex Box technique. After using Flex Box for the first time you will forget the difficulties you have been facing with your layout. You will make your layout with fewer lines of code and very quickly.

Now after having Flex Box in your hand you don’t need to worry about every single element in your container. What you need is just add one or two lines of code and there you go.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Uses Of Flex Box?

You can use Flex Box Almost anywhere on your website to align your content, but I found it more useful to apply it on certain parts of my page than others.

1: Navigation bar

The Navigation menu is mostly a horizontal or vertical bar on top or side of the page with links to other parts of the page. You can create a container for it and apply Flex Box to it so that you can move it’s items wherever it’s suitable for your page layout.

2: Footer

Footer of a website mostly includes contact details, logo, and some links to other parts of the site. You can align your footer content with the help of Flex Box too.

3: Horizontal Alignment

You can align your container’s elements on the horizontal line wherever you like and can add space in them.

4: Vertical Alignment

It often requires to position elements vertically, so there is a very easy way to achieve it with Flex Box. You just need to add one line and it’s already done.

4: Re-Ordering Elements

Flex Box has a function that allows you to rearrange the order of your elements in a container. You can change the order of any element you like.

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Aisu  Joesph

Aisu Joesph


CSS Alignment Made Simple

CSS is seen as an impediment in web development for many of us. Most of the time it looks like even when you follow the rules and everything seems clear, it still doesn’t work the way you want it to.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to make some features of CSS much easier to understand.

The thing I want to address now is the alignment of the elements.

Without further ado, here are some of the most common scenarios one might encounter when it comes to this topic and how they can be approached.

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Jennie Hane


flexbox tutorial in Hindi | css flexbox tutorial in Hindi ( in 2020 )

flexbox tutorial in Hindi
css flexbox tutorial in Hindi
Why Flexbox? We all know that in the past how difficult it was to build layouts using positions and floats. but now with the help of FLEXBOX every thing became so easy.
In this video i will show you how to use flexbox to build a website layout or a grid.

Ps.In this video i am going to give you a MAGIC formula to make a grid system.

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