How do you manage Reputation Management for Attorneys?

Possibilities are that you already know about the significance of reviews. But do you know how to deal with negative ones and maximize your online appearance?

Reputation management for attorneys is everything when it comes to the digital space. No matter how great or well-known you are, not everyone will have the ideal encounter, and a single poor review can lose you a lot of business. Reputation management for attorneys is a very crucial aspect for all attorneys. Negativity bias is a word used to explain the psychological aspect in which people better recall obnoxious memories than positive ones. Customers can and will be careful when it comes to hiring an attorney. They’ll search Google and inspect what others say about your law firm. If they can’t find you and you’re troubled by negative reviews, it will be remarkably challenging to win them over or even maintain existing clients.

Negativity bias and reputation management for attorneys

Negativity bias immediately links to reputation management for attorneys. Just as a person is more inclined to retain a bad event than a good event, a person having a bad encounter is much more prone to leave you a negative criticism than the person having a fabulous experience is to leave you a positive one. 

Handling negative reviews for reputation management for attorneys

Even the most trained, attentive, and empathetic lawyer will seldom get a negative review. After all, despite your much effort, you may not provide the best possible result for your client.

One of the most important parts of online reputation management for attorneys is handling online feedback. There is no simple solution for a negative review. Still, the worst thing you can do as a law firm is ignore it – the implications extend far ahead of the affected person(s) to your online reputation.

Reputation management for attorneys is more than Google.

While Google is one root for negative reviews, many other reputation constituents could be damaging your progress rate. Here are some points to think about:

  • Are you peer-reviewed?
  • Do your legal profiles as have high scores?
  • Are you showcasing your accolades?
  • Have you looked at Yelp? Manta? Yahoo? MerchantCircle?

These are just a few samples of support that many law firms don’t recognize are costing them business.

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Map out your strategy

Once you understand what’s out there, it’s the moment to map out your strategy to strengthen the positive and lessen the negative. 

Engage with social media 

Social media is more prevalent presently than ever before. You’ll want to assess, modernize and create folios for your firm on platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, Yelp,, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

These sites have high domain power, so the more productive and occupied you are with these platforms, the better. Keep your pages refreshed periodically with brand-new content and actively develop your network to secure you are engaging with others and increasing your online presence.

Generating positive content is essential.

 It includes news statements, blog columns, news articles, and other public knowledge about your firm. Positive content can cover:

  • New Hires
  • Positive outcomes in deals or lawsuits
  • Community/philanthropic involvement
  • Pro bono work
  • New clients
  • Addresses and articles by your attorneys
  • Awards and other credit for your firm and its lawyers (best lawyers/law firms lists, etc.)
  • Anytime your lawyers are valued or published in the news media

You’ll want to sustain ongoing public relations efforts to actively try out and sell items involving your firm and your lawyers in the hope that legitimate news sites will write content about your firm. 

Usually, search engines see news terminals and publications as reliable and relevant, which is why they get compensated with high domain and page prestige. Advancing to tell your firm’s narrative and assuring that you’re giving a regular supply of positive content can help raise good articles and press down adverse search outcomes.

If you are incapable of seeing returns after three to six months of rendering a uniform stream of positive content, consider starting a more concentrated effort in reputation management for attorneys. It involves building extremely focused microsites or blogs updated regularly with positive and worthwhile content about your firm (e.g., highlighting particular practice groups).

Although designing and managing such microsites can be both expensive and time-consuming, they can help generate a steady stream of positive content that places highly in search results and gives an efficient channel to interact and engage with your possible customers and peers.


Each review is a chance to trade your business. What does a lack of reviews make you think? More than likely not something positive. Client reviews are the lifeblood of thriving law firms. 

More content and more positive reviews, in precise, can boost your firm’s online perceptibility, add reliability and prompt more people to use your services. The stats don’t lie – clients get prepared to pay 31% more on a company with outstanding reviews.

While negative reviews often get the most notice, positive reviews should not get ignored. It can be essential to cultivating a law firm’s reputation management for attorneys and promoting potential clients to join out. 

When clients leave positive reviews, it is significant to acknowledge and thank them. You can also use this chance to encourage others to do the same.


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How do you manage Reputation Management for Attorneys?

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